Foray Balance 510 Vape Cartridge

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CBD : 40%
THC : 40%
Foray's high-quality Balanced distillate is in a no-leak 510-thread cartridge. It has tropical and citrus notes, with highlights of mango. Battery and charger sold seperately.

It's alright

By Brodie from Salisbury, NB on November 13, 2023

I'm a newcomer to vaping. I didn't enjoy the high on this one as much as day day, but its still good


By JewelCrowe from Rothesay, NB on January 15, 2022

I too am on the spectrum and find that this vape helps me so much when I am feeling overwhelmed and the anxiety & stress take over. It is strong enough to quickly help me calm down and stop an anxiety attack, slow my thoughts, and give me just a lovely hint of an effect from the THC that doesn't affect my ability to continue with my day, just a slight amount that is calming. I had cancer in 2020 and then a stem cell transplant. The procedure (while successful), left lasting effects of neuropathy and joint pain. I have found that this vape really helps to dull the pain. It doesn't go away completely, but it is so far in the "background" that I am only vaguely aware of it and I am able to move normally again. I agree with the person that rated this 5 stars too....I didn't want to leave a great review because everytime I find one I like, everyone follows suit and then they are out of stock! But this cartridge is so amazing, I had to give credit where it was due. I tried this cartridge because of the other review. I am glad I did. They were 110% correct in their review. This stuff is amazing. I sure hope it gets kept in stock.

This is pure Magic

By mj1234 from robertville, NB on August 6, 2021

This is so perfect 💯 that I shouldn't let people know ! Everytime something is to good its constantly out of stock so if I were smart I wouldn't do this review ! But hey , if your a parent and you need patience and zen to help u with their extremely hyper and loud personalities I can confirm that this will 😁 Being able to find something not to strong yet strong enough is a hard thing to achieve .. this one is all that .. its strong enough to produce happiness , patience and relax you but not strong enough to take away your ability to be an alert and responsable parent ! Also great to dull sensory issues caused by autism , things that I usually find irritating suddenly becomes "invisible " Not relevant anymore . Its great at calming any temper issues that arise. There .. you have it .. it's that good ! I have been using this one for over a year , it has not (YET) been out of stock .. is it because it's a well kept secret 🤫 or because they are good at keeping it in stock ? But at least u know this one won't run out of stock on you like the other ones ! 🖤


By Dufour from Moncton, NB on March 1, 2021

Extremely nice Mango Haze balanced THC CBD. Anti-inflammatory, very nice cerebral high, mild. ZERO paranoia, anxiety. Can smoke it all day long.

Vape some mangoes

By Sharky from Campbellton, NB on June 3, 2020

Surprised me right out of the get go with an effective result on the first hit!! Will definitely buy again!!