Start your grow

Where do I begin?


Looking to start your own grow from home? Before you begin, we suggest reading all of the laws in New Brunswick for Cultivating Cannabis. Once you are comfortable and understand the regulation, it's time to pick where you want to start! Our two options below are Clones & Seeds!




A cannabis clone is a branch cut off a cannabis plant, which then grows into a full plant itself.
Beginning March 21st, 2024, select Cannabis NB locations will have Cannabis clones available.
Locally Grown Clones from the following producers:

Hidden Harvest

AAA Cuts

Stewart's Farms (St. Stephen & Fredericton - Woodside only)

*Limited quantities. While supplies last. At select locations.




Seeds are where it all begins! We offer a great selection of seeds from a varietry of Licensed Producers, so you can be sure to find the right strain for you.
To learn more on how to get your seeds started, click here. or click here for our 2023 Seed Guide!
Check below to see some of our featured seeds!