Dried Flower Equivalent

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What is it?

Dried flower equivalent, let’s call it DFE, is a conversion tool that allows you to stay within the 30g purchase limit regardless of the type of cannabis you enjoy.



Cannabis comes in different shapes and forms and it’s important to find a standard measurement for these different products. Enter DFE. For dried flower, it’s easy! 1g is 1g. But what about products like oils, capsules, extracts and topicals? DFE allows you to compare apples to apples.


What does it mean to me?

Right now, you can carry a maxium of 30g of dried flower equivalent on your person at one time. In order to ensure we are retailing responsibly, we use the chart below. There's a whole fancy formula used to calculate DFE, luckily it's figured out for you at the time of checkout. For those wanting to dig deeper, here's how it works:


Product Type Conversion = 1g Total Allowance/Consumer
Dried Cannabis Flower 1g 30g
Infused Beverages 572ml 17,160ml
Concentrates 0.25g 7.5g
Edible Product 15g 450g
Cannabis Plant Seed 1 seed 30 seeds 
Fresh Cannabis Flower 5g 150g
Non-solid containing cannabis other than beverage (oils and caps           70g                              2100g              
1g Dried Flower 1
1 pc Pre-rolled 0.5
25ml Oils 0.325
15C Capsules 0.032
4 Seeds 4