Product Reviews: Rules & FAQs

Welcome to the Community!

Product Reviews on are here for the benefit of NB cannabis consumers, by NB cannabis consumers. Reviews are intended for the honest evaluation, and sharing of your personal experience, of products listed with Cannabis NB. In order to post a review, you must be 19+ and have a account. If you do not yet have an account, you can sign up here

We want Product Reviews to be informative and helpful, while allowing a reviewer to express their real experience, all while improving the education and awareness around legal cannabis products within New Brunswick. As part of helping achieve this, we have a few ground rules that must be met in order to post a review. These rules may be changed as required. 

Posting a Product Review on means that you agree to the following rules: 

  1. Keep it real – Post your own review, and rating, for the product you have an opinion about. It does not need to be glowing, but it needs to be yours.
  2. Focus on the product and your experience with it – Reviews should be about the product and your experience in consuming or using it. Discussion about other products, other experiences (including your general experience with Cannabis NB), or other unrelated topics should be left for elsewhere.
  3. Screening of reviews – Cannabis NB community moderators must approve all reviews before they are posted to the website. Moderators have the right to edit, remove, or change any content within a review before it is approved. They may disallow any review from being posted if it is deemed to directly violate these rules, the spirit of these rules, or the terms of the website.
  4. No posting of links or sites – Any posting of links and/or mentions of other cannabis or cannabis product websites or locations is strictly forbidden. Such reviews submitted will either have the inappropriate content removed, or the entire review may not be posted to the website.
  5. Reviews are for personal use – Using a review to advertise, solicit, sell or promote any other product or service is not permitted. Please do not include web links or addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, social media details, physical addresses or any other means of external contact. Reviews are not to be used for other commercial purposes.
  6. Stay clean – Refrain from using any abusive, defamatory, discriminatory, harassing, hateful, libelous, obscene, offensive, sexually explicit, slanderous, threatening or vulgar language.
  7. Be law abiding – Any review that violates privacy, copyright, patent, trademark or other property rights will not be allowed. Additionally, any review that promotes, encourages or discusses illegal activity, regardless of whether it is intended to commit an illegal action, is prohibited. Any attempt to distribute or link to any software or computer files that contain a virus or other harmful component is strictly forbidden.
  8. Be aware – Any review may be modified, deleted or changed at the discretion of community moderators to assure adherence to these rules and keep aligned to the intention of product reviews on
  9. Languages – The only languages permitted within a review are English and/or French.
  10. One per product – Reviewing is limited to one review per product, per person. This is to ensure that a broad set of opinions and experience can be shown for each product, and it is not dominated by just a single (or small number of) consumer(s). If an individual is found to be attempting to make multiple reviews on a product, the involved account(s) and associated reviews may be blocked or deleted.
  11. Property – All reviews become the property of Cannabis NB and may be used at its sole discretion.
  12. For NB consumers – To participate in providing product reviews on, you must be 19 years of age or older, and have obtained the product you are reviewing legally, via Cannabis NB.
  13. Help the community – If you notice any review to be in direct violation of these rules or the intended spirit of the community on, please report this by sending an email to

Violation of these rules may result in action against your account or submitted reviews, depending upon the severity of the violation(s), at the sole discretion of Cannabis NB. Content rules above must be adhered to for any content, reviews or nicknames. If you have submitted a review, community moderators may reach out to you directly regarding your review or content within it, through the email provided in your account.

For general feedback or questions about Cannabis NB, please feel free to send an email to us at


Where is my review?

All reviews go through a screening process by community moderators with Cannabis NB. On occasion, this process may take up to two business days, depending upon volume – so, if you know your review did not contain content that would be considered offside, then just give it time. However, if a review does not meet the rules & guidelines outlined above, it will not be posted publicly. 

Do I have to have a nickname in order to submit a review?

Yes, you must have a nickname set within your account, in order to submit a review. Having a nickname allows you to set your personal privacy level, by using a term that you choose. With each reviewer having their own nickname, you can also see reviews submitted by individual reviewers across different products – this may be helpful if you seem to share similar preferences with another reviewer and are curious to see what they post for products you have yet to try. Please be aware that nicknames must meet the same content rules that apply to reviews, themselves.

Can I direct comments in my review to another reviewer or account holder?

Please do not direct reviews, in part or in full, to another reviewer or account holder. Reviews are intended to be of value for all in the community who have interest in the product for which your review has been submitted. Your review may not be allowed if it mentions or alludes to another individual. 

I have a question or comment for the Cannabis NB team – how do I get it to you?

Questions or comments to Cannabis NB should be emailed to Such questions or comments should not be posted within product reviews, as these are only intended to provide opinions and helpful information specifically related to experience(s) with the product being reviewed.

I live outside New Brunswick – can I still participate in reviewing a product on

Yes. Provided that you obtained your product via a Cannabis NB location, and you are making a legitimate review of your experience with that product, you are welcome to provide a review.