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Cannabis NB has undergone a model evolution to increase consumer access to safe, legal cannabis options.

The model evolution began with the FarmGate program in 2021 that allows approved licensed New Brunswick cannabis producers to sell products that they grow and produce locally at their facilities.

In the next phase of its model evolution, CNB expanded its store network to include smaller long term and seasonal stores in new locations around the province, providing more convenience and better access to safe legal products for customers.

In the third phase of model evolution, Cannabis NB launched a private retail channel, allowing private retailers to open stores under their own brands across the province.


Cannabis NB FarmGate is a program that allows licensed New Brunswick cannabis producers to sell their own products onsite at their facilities.

Cannabis NB FarmGate increases visibility for local licensed producers, and provides them with more opportunities to educate customers about their company and the products made at their facility.

All cannabis products sold at an approved FarmGate store are produced and packaged onsite, and meet all federal regulations prescribed by Health Canada.

Check out Cannabis NB FarmGate program participants, here:

To participate in the program, eligible New Brunswick cannabis producers must submit an application to Cannabis NB for consideration.

For inquiries about the program or to apply, please contact


Cannabis NB’s Private retail store channel is part of Cannabis NB’s model evolution strategy to provide more convenience to consumers and better access to safe legal products for New Brunswickers.  Private retail stores are owned and operated under private retailers' own brand. They are legal and licensed to sell cannabis in New Brunswick, and offer a full portfolio of legal, regulated products across all categories, sourced from Cannabis NB. 

All legal private retail locations have ID badges located on their windows and inside the store for authentication. More information on private retailers, including store locations and ID badge numbers, is available here.

For all Cannabis NB model evolution inquiries, please contact