Fleur de l'Ile CBD OIl

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CBD : 26-32 mg/ml
THC : 0-1 mg/ml
This blend, in oil form, has a high CBD content and contains THC. CAUTION! The effects may take 30 minutes or longer to appear and may last up to 8 hours or occasionally longer. We strongly recommend beginning with a small amount oil and waiting a few hours before taking more, if desired. Do not smoke, heat or burn this oil!

Weak. Waste of money

By Caitlin from Tracy, NB on November 21, 2022

Was excited to try this cause of the high thc content. Took 2 drops,Nothing. 4 drops, nothing. 6 nothing! My tolerance isn't that high. I've bought lower thc oils and they knocked me out from just 2 drops. Super disappointed and out 50 bucks. LAME!!