Chowie Wowie THC Milk Chocolate

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CBD : 0 mg/pc
THC : 10 mg/pc
Each square of this delectable milk chocolate from Chowie Wowie contains 5mg of THC. Start low: if you are new to THC edibles, we recommend you start with one square. Be patient: it can take 30 minutes to 2 hours before you will feel the effects of ingesting THC. Go slow: wait at least 4 hours, even up to 24 hours to see how you feel before consuming any more.

Great Effect, Decent Taste

By CanaFam from Fredericton, NB on November 21, 2023

This is generic chocolate but cant go wrong as it is still bettter than black market tasting chocolate. This is what you would buy for a good high. Not a lot to eat and straight to the point

mediocre chocolate

By beammeupscotty from Moncton, NB on March 9, 2023

Not my cup of tea..chocolate itself was meh, high was meh.

I liked it

By 15DayFreeTrial from Moncton, NB on March 4, 2022

Love the taste of the chocolate and there's no cannabis after-taste.

Pretty good

By Monkeyman from Moncton, NB on March 13, 2020

I've bought these quite a few times and with the 5 for 35 deal they are very worth it. They taste very good with a slight weedy after taste and for me, someone who smokes 1 to 4 times per week it only takes me two of them to get me baked or two and a half to get me into the sixth dimension