Tweed Skunk Haze Pre Roll

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CBD : 5-11%
THC : 6-12%
Tweed 3x0.5g pre-rolls are evenly milled, and machine rolled for a consistent burn. Each is made with quality whole-bud Skunk Haze, a hybrid strain with balanced THC and CBD levels. With buds that are typically dense and coloured with bright pistils, Skunk Haze's dominant α-Pinene and supporting β-Pinene terpene profile gives this strain rich aromas of cedar wood and pine. Along with earthy and citrus notes from Myrcene. Tweed 3x0.5g pre-rolls come in resealable, recyclable packaging, and are ready to go when you are.

Lovely balance of THC and CBD

By StarfruitNinja13 from Dsl De Drummond, NB on April 29, 2023

Perfect to get the edge off, relaxing yet not tiring. Pulls nicely and offers a low to mild high. Perfect option for beginners or if you'd like to not feel too drowsy after smoking this cannabis!

Well balanced joint

By Dufour from Riverview, NB on August 17, 2022

If you're looking for something mild with loads of CBD this is the answer. Will not make you cough, very smooth. Kind of minty in the draw. Nice mild high. If you don't want to feel roasted after a joint this is a good option.