Good Supply Jean Guy

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CBD : 0-1%
THC : 16-26%
Jean Guy, pas de trompe-l'œil, une vraie pépite. D’un vert sombre, ces têtes homonymes sont recouvertes de trichomes et vous avez là de véritables condensés d’explosions d’agrumes. Avec le Good Supply, vous conservez l’esprit alerte.
Jean Guy

Fluffy Huge Ounce.... Will buy again.

Par JeanGuyBudreau de Baie de Bouctouche, NB le 24 octobre 2022

Large buds, loosely cured... Seems like a HUGE ounce -- due to the curing.. Love everything about it... Tastes great... Creates beautiful fluffy bags in the Storz & Bickel Volcano.. Smooth draw... Perfect for 'wake & bake'.. A daily treat.. Perfect to get our day going.. We've tried just about every other variety.. This ounce was the best "bang for the buck" I've seen yet at Cannabis NB.... Will be purchasing repeatedly..

Great for the price

Par Sunstone de Riverbank South, NB le 18 septembre 2022

A go to for me by the ounce. 7 Acres has the best Jean Guy at the store, but at double the price if you look at 28 gram bags. Nice uplifting Sativa with lemon/orange taste....My favorite Canada origin strain...Cheers!

Worse Jean Guy at CNB

Par ReptilianJoe de Hillsborough, NB le 9 février 2021

Really enjoy Jean Guy as strain. I've had Jean Guy from both 7Acres, and Canaca and enjoyed the strain. Jean Guy by Good Supply is a bag full hot garbage.

Decent high but very dry

Par GirlOnTheCouch de Saint John, NB le 21 décembre 2020

Not a bad high but it killed the lungs.

I hope I remember not to buy this again

Par Humdinger de Rusagonis, NB le 9 septembre 2020

I hope I remember not to buy this again. Good price, meh high, it was so dry it was like ash to begin with

Good weed good price

Par Jerrica de Saint John, NB le 12 août 2020

The weed is a little dry but nowhere near as dry as everyone is explaining I may have not needed to use my buster as much but the joints That I smoked it in didn’t burn too quick or anything so in my opinion, a little dry but not as bad as people are making it to be

Pleasing mix of effects

Par WickedRuiner de Dieppe, NB le 6 février 2020

The bud itself it not overly aesthetically pleasing and was a little dry, however, I really enjoyed the buzz and it was a manageable price. The sativa effects from this are a lot of fun, but it wasn't so Sativa dominant that I couldn't get to bed if I smoked at night. Good in-between.

Could be better

Par Ungratefuldead de Southfield, NB le 16 janvier 2020

It's alright, super dry and crumbly due to the packaging. Not the smoothest smoke and moderate stone. Wouldn't buy again.

Ok strain

Par marymkcormier de Woodstock, NB le 31 décembre 2019

Had it gifted to me and I found it very dry looked like rag weed thc level was good but didn't find the high lasted much more then 45 minutes but the buzz was great just looks like crap and to dry...

Great Sativa

Par SativaMatt de Dieppe, NB le 10 décembre 2019

At 24% THC this Jean Guy was really good. Was very happy with it and will buy again!