Private Retail

Private Retailers

What do we mean by private cannabis retailers? 

Cannabis NB is expanding the network of legal stores in New Brunswick to give cannabis consumers more convenient access to purchasing safe, regulated, and legal cannabis options in communities near you. 

While some new stores are Cannabis NB stores, this expansion also includes private retailer partnerships! These private retail stores are initially certified and supported by Cannabis NB, but the stores are owned and operated by private retailers and launched under their own names and brands. They are authorized to legally sell regulated cannabis in New Brunswick. They are licensed by Public Safety and offer a full selection of safe, regulated cannabis products approved by Health Canada.  

FarmGate Retailers

Cannabis NB FarmGate program is a unique program- within the legal retail network, that has unique requirements. FarmGate stores are private retail locations that are owned and operated by New Brunswick licensed cannabis producers and authorized to sell their own products onsite directly to customers. There are several FarmGate retail locations operating in New Brunswick, and they further increase customer access to legal regulated product, as well as allowing some of our local cannabis producers to educate the public about their own products and offer customers a unique experience. Check them out below. 

Are you shopping with a Certified Legal Private Retailer?

There are a number of illegal stores across New Brunswick, many offering unregulated and untested products. Many of these stores claim to be legal or imply that they are authorized to sell medical products. Unfortunately, this is not the case.If you find yourself in a store, and you want to ensure you’re shopping at an approved legal private retail location there is an easy way to be sure. 

Here’s what to look for:

All approved legal private retailers are licensed by the Department of Justice and Public Safety and certified by Cannabis NB. Legal locations will have the following Badge IDs located on their windows and inside the store.  


Each Badge will have a QR code that will take you directly to the Cannabis NB site so you can quickly confirm the store name and address and be sure that the retailer you’re visiting is an approved legal retailer.  


To confirm authenticity, match the business name, address, and badge number of the retailer to the list below. If the retailer business name, address, and badge number are not found below or do not match, you are not shopping with an approved and legal private retailer. 


If you have questions about a private retail location or want to confirm the legality of a location near you, you may also call 1-833-821-2195, or email  

Private Retailers


FarmGate Private Retailers


Check this page regularly to see new private legal retailers coming soon to the following communities near you: 

Hampton, NB 

Saint Andrews, NB 

Caraquet, NB 

Saint-Quentin, NB 

Salisbury, NB