Camp River Cannabis Gorilla Glue Feminized Auto Flowering Se

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Le Gorilla Glue Auto est un indica dominant avec un gout de pin et diesel. Cette plante de grande taille produit une fleur dense. Ces graines ont été élevées en serre et fonctionne pour une cultivation intérieur et Exterieur.

Cracked July 9 for outdoor

Par 1MaddScientist de Newcastle Creek, NB le 11 août 2022

Cracked all seeds on July 9. They are about 2 feet high and still in veg. They should have lots of time to finish based on the 9 to 11 weeks from seed to bud. I will post on if they finish on time.

First time grower

Par Starlord de Moncton, NB le 18 juillet 2022

Bought these seeds 5 days ago. Did the old moist paper towel in a drawer trick. 3 of them germinated within 24-48 hours, I am still waiting on the 4th (no biggie). I potted the 3 seedlings 2 days ago and they have already pushed through the surface of the soil. I'm super stoked these are autoflower since it's midsummer. I'm having a blast learning how to grow! We'll keep yas updated.

50% success rate

Par Firecracker de fredericton, NB le 28 mai 2022

50% success, 2 popped in less 24hrs the other 2 nada. $55 bucks for 2 seeds and no guarantee can't even contact them their site isn't up and running


Par devnullstore de Burton, NB le 18 mai 2022

These seeds were not even in water 24 hours and already popped 100% success rate to go with the speed of growth! Beautiful!