Kolab Project chocolat cola cerise pop

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CBD : 0 mg/pc
THC : 10 mg/pc
Le chocolat cola cerise pop Kolab Project offre une expérience rafraîchissante et nostalgique avec sa combinaison de bonbons pétillants à saveur de cerise amère et de chocolat au lait onctueux.

Dr. pepper

Par salmonella de Hanwell, NB le 14 janvier 2023

Tastes more like DP than Cherry coke, but very tasty. Pop rocks was a nice addition. No foul tastes or aftertaste

Not a huge fan.

Par Fawxeh0 de Oromocto, NB le 3 mai 2021

I bought this chocolate on sale because it sounded really delicious to me and the previous review helped me with the decision on buying it and I... do not like it! Neither does my sister! It smells like a LOT of pepper (even though there's no pepper in it lol) and it TASTED like a buttload of pepper, it's a terrible flavour in my personal opinion BUT! I did really enjoy the pop rocks, that was super nice and the AFTERtaste tasted really really good IMO but I would never buy this candy ever again It's just not my cup of tea and I would never ever buy it again but I am glad I tried it. .

Loved it!!!

Par RoyHobbs de Keswick Ridge, NB le 19 janvier 2021

Great flavour to this product and a unique sensation with the pop rock candy! As with so many of the edibles, if there is a negative it is that it is so small for those of us who are chocolate lovers. Definitely a good one to savour!