Canaca Mango

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CBD : 0-1%
THC : 17-23%
Une variété classique qui a vu le jour dans les années 60, dernièrement croisée avec la KC33. La saveur de Canaca Mango provient d'une forte teneur en terpène du myrcène, également présent dans les mangues.

Great Strain!

Par SativaMatt de Dieppe, NB le 3 mars 2021

Very good bud. Not to dry as it had a humidity pack inside. I got this at 24.8% and will buy again!

Very dry and harsh

Par Pixel990 de Moncton, NB le 24 août 2020

Smell great but for smoking yeaa way to dry and harsh.

In my top 3 for sure

Par HighLowJumbo de Saint-Basile, NB le 29 janvier 2020

This strain is simply amazing for relaxation of body and mind, however the THC level is pretty low compared to what they sell (Highpark Holdings) in the province of Quebec under a different brand called "DuBon". It's a shame that CNB stocked up on a batch that's only 17.something%. The weed itself is unique in appearance, with each bud made up of little solid balls of weed (hard to explain).. The trim is pretty hit-and-miss, sometimes its beautiful thick buds, other times you get branches, its always very dry and needs humidifying to fully enjoy, like most products sold here. For people who the strain makes a big difference in the experience, this strain is very underrated. This strain would have 5 stars from me, if there was a seemingly possible chance at buying something higher than 20% THC.

Smoke this if you want to rip your throat out

Par Twinja79 de Riverview, NB le 17 octobre 2019

It was so dry my grinder was just a paper weight. Effects were good, nice buzz if only. Companies should fix this if they want my patronage.

underwhelming with no Mango smell

Par rhum01 de Riverview, NB le 24 septembre 2019

For the price, the bud sizes were nice and not too much shake and recent package date. That is were the good points end. It looks kind of strange and not well-manicured. It does NOT smell like Mango and the high is nothing special if at all noticeable compared to others.

Nice indica

Par RoeRoe de Oromocto, NB le 16 septembre 2019

Great tasting, good for sleep. Very relaxing.