Canaca Alien Dawg

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CBD : 0-1%
THC : 17-23%
Élaborée à partir de Chemdog et d'Alien Technology, la Canaca Alien Dawg a une saveur plus légère et révèle un goût de bois et de nuances de terre subtiles.
Alien Dawg

Possibly the worst

Par Crash27 de Fredericton, NB le 22 mai 2022

I’ve tried a lot of CNB products, this one sits in the 2/50$ category and it is just not worth it! There are so many other options at the same price point that are far better quality.. the buds are loose/fluffy and rarely intact, I’ve been a daily smoker for years and this has got to be my least favourite brand from CNB.

Tried it, liked it.

Par KaCl420 de Keswick Ridge, NB le 17 avril 2021

Nugs were a little on the smaller side, but it was potent.


Par Dirtdigger420 de Sussex, NB le 2 juin 2020

Got home opened the box shook the container sounded like shake. Checked the packaged date may 2019. Year old stock was very very dry. Tasted horrible very harsh. Mild buzz nothing heavy. Added my raw hydrostone hope it helps bring back to life or I'm stuck rolling sand in a paper.

Satisfying and Distinct

Par TheGrandmaster de Fredericton, NB le 12 décembre 2019

This bud has a very distinct flavour that I find rather difficult to place. Nice smooth high, however.

Pleasant surprise now one of my favorites

Par Magnetarhead de Summerville, NB le 28 octobre 2019

Maybe this strain isn't for everyone but I had to say something about it as I feel it's been overlooked a bit. I'm the type of person that loves MEGA strong indicas and consider my tolerance higher than most, but even at only 16% with smaller hard nugs it's absolutely one of my top 3. I find it very similar (effect and taste) to my other favorites like green cush and sunset. Give it a try, you may find a new best bud to hang out with like I did!

All around impressed!

Par ChaoticDaD de Moncton, NB le 29 septembre 2019

Personally I found it very nice. Hits quickly and peaks slowly. Yes it's a small bud strain. But you really can enjoy the terpenes more using smaller buds. This is now my second Fav. Flavor is light but leaves a nice after taste that allows you to continue to enjoy each puff long after you exale.

No potency, bad trim job

Par GanjaPurrs de Campbellton, NB le 19 septembre 2019

Not good at all, way too dry, too many leaves. Terrible trim job. If you're going to charge $40 for 3.5g at least take pride in the work. I am an experienced smoker and the vendor told me this was the top potency level. I smoked the whole 3.5 grams in 2 hours didn't even feel a tingle. It will be a long time, if ever, before I buy Canaca products again. Very disappointed.

Hoo dawggie!

Par pipedream de Fredericton, NB le 17 septembre 2019

Very much enjoyed this in the evening; any agitation from a hard day's work soon melted away after a few puffs and paved the way to a good night's sleep.

not the best

Par HydroKush de Dieppe, NB le 17 septembre 2019

Small popcorn nugs. Got it at 17%. Not that great

Hard to Please Vaper

Par ReservoirDog de Riverview, NB le 16 septembre 2019

This indica hits pretty hard. There's nothing special about the taste but it's got it where it counts. I'd buy it again.