Tweed Houndstooth

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CBD : 0-1%
THC : 18-24%
Houndstooth est une souche THC à dominance sativa. Ses têtes ont une belle teinte pourpre et possèdent des arômes complexes provenant du terpène myrcène, qui tend à avoir une odeur sucrée et terreuse, et du pinène que l’on retrouve également dans les aiguilles de pin. Le saviez-vous? Houndstooth (le tissu, pas la souche), qui se traduit en français par « pied-de-poule », en anglais évoque les crocs d’un chien de chasse. Vous aurez quelque chose à vous mettre sous la dent.

Nice smoke

Par iamcanadian71 de Saint John, NB le 14 avril 2020

Taste is good, not a harsh smoke and has a nice buzz to go with it. Definitely recommend and I will be buying more of this in the future. Only complaint is the flower is very dry and turns to powder.

Awesome taste

Par George de Edmundston, NB le 29 janvier 2020

This sativa flower is one of the best taste you can found in a dried flower cannabis with and effect that is not to strong but still very good....

Unique Taste and Smell!

Par SativaMatt de Dieppe, NB le 3 octobre 2019

This strain has to be the most unique, smell and taste i have ever came across. You either hate it or love it.

Lovely mid range

Par Wayfinder de Fredericton, NB le 2 octobre 2019

ideal for beginners or people who don't know what they want, not too much or too little

Nice effects

Par GiddyB de Dieppe, NB le 21 septembre 2019

The smell and taste are not great for me, it's a very earthy, musty taste and smell. If you can get past those two things, it's a very nice sativa.

Good beginner strain

Par CptCrunch de Rothesay, NB le 19 septembre 2019

Nice light but stimulating buzz. Was too dry. Not bad overall though

Caused headache

Par rhum01 de Riverview, NB le 18 septembre 2019

Has a unique smell as if seaweed was dipped in some chocolate. This is the only strain among many I have tried that actually made my head feel like it was in a giant clamp - Not the desired effect I was looking for here

Good for beginners

Par Brandon de Fredericton, NB le 16 septembre 2019

Never smoked in my life until it became legal then I was told to try houndstooth and it was amazing! My only thing that I found was that it needed a better trim job and was a bit on the dry side. Overall would recommend to people :)