Namaste Sensi Star

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CBD : 0-1%
THC : 12-21%
La variété Sensi Star est une souche à dominance Indica riche en trichomes qui brillent comme une constellation d’étoiles. Elle dégage des arômes sucrés et terreux avec des notes boisées. En raison de sa teneur élevée en THC, elle convient davantage aux consommateurs avertis.
Sensi Star

A Good Sensi!!

Par DarkCanuk506 de Edmundston, NB le 19 novembre 2020

(3.5 Stars) (Lot #1000350 / Packaged on 10/22/2019 / 16.5% THC) The bag appeal is okay. Mostly small buds that are loosely trimmed. The cure is spot on. It's perfect, even after a year in the container. On the nose, this product is a bit faded. This is to be expected when it's been packaged over a year ago. However, it still has an earthy smell that finishes with a musky citrus. Indicative of the Sensi Star strain. The taste is nice but faded, as well. I've enjoyed the taste of this Sensi over others on the market but this batch left me wanting a more pronounced Sensi taste. The smoke test revealed a very near white ash. Again, great job on the very clean product. The smoke is smooth and won't cause any coughing fits. The effects are good. The high creeps up behind the eyes, pulling the eyelids down for a good night's sleep. Even below 17% THC, this Sensi is still a very good nightcap. The price is okay. This product can usually be found for between $30 and $35 for 3.5 grams. There are other Sensi stars on the market that hit a little stronger for about the same price, give or take a few dollars. Personally, I'm satisfied with most Sensi stars. It's my favourite night time strain and pretty much any variety is great for insomnia (mild to acute). However, that being said, I'd like to see this over 17%THC and steady at $30 for 3.5 grams. Then it would be much more competitive with other Sensi Stars on the market.

Great price and Value

Par JoJo_O de Moncton, NB le 22 février 2020

sensi star by Namaste is really good, sensi star by re up, not so good

Great Value Indica

Par Cannabee de New Maryland, NB le 9 février 2020

Very good strain for pain! Decent price too

Review !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Par Mick764 de Trudel, NB le 28 janvier 2020

Différent comme gout tereu ! meme senteur bon tit buzz mais namaste vend plus chere que re up

Needs a good flushing

Par Ungratefuldead de Southfield, NB le 17 janvier 2020

Potency is alright I suppose

Pretty good

Par UpperKintore420 de Upper Kintore, NB le 22 décembre 2019

I'm a very light smoker and usually only smoke about an hour or 2 before going to sleep. I found this stuff pretty hard hitting and I really enjoyed it. It gives a great relaxing body high. The taste was a huge improvement over the pre rolls I had been buying. Really enjoyed it.

very good indica, just not for me.

Par PogeyKing de Campbellton, NB le 7 novembre 2019

In my own experience, i did not enjoy this sensi star at all, the buds were really nice though, very solid and has a pepper smell to it. The effects gave me a bad headache, i thought maybe it was just me so the next day when i tried it again, the same thing happened, a huge headache again. But for a indica it def did its job, i was couch locked for sure.. Give it a try if you are a indica lover, hopefully you wont have the same experience i went threw with this strain.

Great Movie night!

Par Bikerbaker de Fredericton, NB le 6 octobre 2019

This is an ok strain for a lower quality flower, it is very dry however, I like a sticky bud. After smoking two bowls of this, it gives a pretty light head high lasting for a short time, it does however give your body and extreme relaxed feeling, great for a movie night on the couch or watching a hockey game. The description warns of it having a high THC content. I've smoked some pretty potent weed and this is very light, probably even suitable for a new smoker.

Hard to Please Vaper

Par ReservoirDog de Riverview, NB le 3 octobre 2019

I consider this to be a lighter version of Sensi Star because it didn't deliver the potency that I expected from the strain. It looked and smelled good though.

Excellent value Indica pick

Par rhum01 de Riverview, NB le 26 septembre 2019

There are other Indica offerings that I prefer, but as far as offerings at the lower end of the price offerings, this is one of the best Indicas available. Namaste's version is better than one of the other LP's version of it as well.