Integra Boost - Contrôle de l'humidité

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La technologie à double fonction d’Integra Boost s’adapte à son environnement : elle libère ou absorbe l’humidité au besoin afin d’assurer un niveau d’humidité optimal et de préserver la saveur et l’arôme du cannabis.

A Must Have

Par BlakSquirl de Shediac, NB le 12 octobre 2019

If you buy large quantities of cannabis at a time this is a must have. Been using this product for a long time and I was never let down. I store my buds in a mason jar (in a dark locked case) with one of these packs and it helped keep my buds perfectly for months. Also if I purchase dry buds this will help restore a good moisture to the bud but it will take time according to the dryness of the bud.  I recommend this for those that store buds for weeks or months at a time.