Cannabis NB Express

Cannabis NB Express is a pay online, pick up in-store service available to adults with a account.

Making an Express Order

To order with Cannabis NB Express, customers can:

  1. On select the store you would like to order from in the header – find it at the top of the screen where you see the location pin symbol  – selecting a store will inform you of which products and sizes are in-stock as you browse. TIP:  While browsing through products to add to your Express order, use the “Availability” filter to narrow down what you see to just the products available at your Selected Store!

2.     Add available products to your cart, as you would for any order on,

3.     When ready, go to your cart to checkout,

4.     Choose the Delivery Method as “Pick up in store” and make sure the store you want to pick up from is selected in the dropdown list,

5.     Enter your payment details and complete your order.

6.     Watch for the “Ready for Pick Up” email. This email confirms the products included in your prepared order*, and that the store has your order waiting for you.

*If an item is not available when your order is prepared, that item will be removed from your order and you will not be charged for that item. Your “Ready for Pick Up” email will indicate your order is short one or more items.

Cannabis NB strives to have Express orders ready within one hour. While an hour is our goal, there will be times this may be exceeded due to high volumes. Customers should watch for the “Ready for Pick Up” email to arrive in their inbox, to know their order has been prepared and is ready for pick up.


Picking Up Your Express Order

Once you have received the “Ready for Pick Up” email, your order is ready and you can head to the store!

When arriving at the store:

·       Head to the next available Guide and let them know that you are there to pick up an Express order.

·       Have your ID and the card used to make the order handy – your Guide will verify your name and/or address as well as validate the card used.

  • If you realize at that point that you would like to purchase anything additional, the Guide will be able to start a new order for you and you can pay as you normally would at a Cannabis NB store
  • Once you have your purchase, you can leave the store, head home and enjoy responsibly!

Either you, the named account holder, or an adult residing at your address can pick up your order from the store. For an adult other than the named account holder, the address on their I.D. must match an address within the account profile and they must present the card used to place the order. This is to ensure the security of the account holder’s order. When placing your order, be sure you have an address setup in your account profile that matches the I.D. of the person who will be picking up your order and ensure that they are able to present the card used. If the address on their I.D. does not match an address in your profile or the card is not presented, the store Guide may not be able to provide them with your order.



If your address is not updated in your account, be sure they are before finalizing any Express order so you can avoid any confusion at pick up time. To do so, sign in to your account, and from your profile page you can update address(es) within your account. 


Express FAQs

Is there an additional cost for Express orders?

No! There is no additional cost for Cannabis NB Express pick up orders.

How can I just see the products available at my local store, when creating an Express order?

You can narrow down the products you are browsing on a category page (such as Dried Flower) or after you perform a search for products. Make sure you have a store selected from the header (find the location pin). Then, where you see Filters listed (either just above or to the left of the product tile listings), find the “Availability” filter. When you open its dropdown, you will see your store listed as an option to filter by – click it and you will then only see products that have inventory available specifically at that store.

How do I pay for Express orders?

Express orders are paid for on using VISA, VISA debit, MasterCard or MasterCard debit.

Why can’t I pay in cash, or at the store, for Express orders?

At this time, all Express orders are paid for online, at the time they are placed, on This allows for a quick pick up process at the store, once you arrive. Additionally, it assures we can keep product accessible in our stores for customers who commit to buying it, as opposed to simply holding it for later payment.

What times of day is Express available?

Express is available as an option on the checkout page 24 hours a day. However, orders will only be fulfilled based upon your local store hours. Within 2 hours of store closing, and any time after store closing, orders are expected to be prepared shortly after the next time the store opens. Only after the “Ready for Pick Up” email has been sent is your order ready – be on the watch for that email as your cue to head to the store. If you are unable to make it to the store before it closes, your order will still be available for you to pick up for 72 hours after the “Ready for Pick Up” email has been sent.

Can I cancel/change my order after it is placed?

You can cancel your order up until the time it is packed and before the “Ready for Pick Up” email has been sent. Once the “Ready for Pick Up” email has been sent, it can no longer be cancelled.

What happens if I am unable to pick up my Express order immediately?

You can pick up your order any time within 72 hours after it is prepared.

If the order has not been picked up by then, it will be reflected as cancelled in your Order History. After cancellation, the order will no longer be available to pick up at the store.

Can I substitute items I no longer want in my order, when I get to the store?

No, unfortunately substitutions are not currently allowed on prepared Express orders. However, if you would like to add something to your order, a store Guide will be able to begin a new order for you at the Express window.

What happens if I place an Express order but the store runs out of one (or more) products I ordered?

On occasions of high demand for certain products, there may be situations where the last of the size you ordered is sold to another customer in the store shortly after you place your order. In this case, store staff will fulfill what they can, in your order.

If you no longer want the short order, perhaps because the main product you wanted is no longer available, you can call our toll-free number and ask for your short order to be cancelled. Once cancelled, the pre-authorization on your card will be removed and your card will not be charged. (Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for your order to be cancelled).