Spinach Diesel 510 Vape Cartridge

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CBD : 0%
THC : 80%
Spinach cartridges are made of quality stainless steel and food-grade silicone. They feature a custom ceramic heater designed specifically for cannabis and Spinach distillate does not contain MCT oil or Vitamin E acetate. Diesel is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain with flavour notes of hops, citrus and sour.

Spinach Diesel

By Jetterbug from Sackville, NB on July 27, 2021

Read the reviews and was prepared to be disappointed. Found the complete opposite. I'm assuming there were vape pen problems or left in heat which can give weird tastes. Very clean toke, clear high. Great "pick me up buzz" if you're an early smoker and/or feel "burned out" from time to time. Great buzz for ambition... (I never write reviews this long). The reviews on Leafly etc. are closer to reality on this strain!

Stale popcorn and burnt rubber.

By Pirate from North York, ON on March 14, 2021

Having tried other products i foolishly trusted this one. It tastes like burnt popcorn drizzled in melted rubber. I honestly don't know about the buzz as I can't keep back the gag reflex to take a sizeable pull.

Good buzz, different and memorable taste

By Bshwckr67 from Jacksontown, NB on April 25, 2020

Trailblazer Spark...good. Spinach White Widow...better. Spinach Diesel...best!! Of these 3, the Diesel is the one to grab.

Decent effects, Interesting Flavour Profile

By RomanTickTack from Moncton, NB on February 15, 2020

While it may be expensive, the Spinach Diesel cartridge definitely works as advertised and seems to have consistent quality control. The distillate has a sharp almost sour berry flavour with a hint of hops and a bit of citrus punching through (without overwhelming bitterness). One thing that I will say is that if you don't like things on the more sour or bitter side (tart cherries, dark chocolate, dark coffee, IPAs, etc.) you probably won't like the taste. The effects are decent, with a pretty even split between giving a relaxing feeling while also giving a nice heady high. As I mentioned at the beginning though, this cartridge is very expensive, and that is my main issue. The price point may be alright for someone who would only use it maybe once a week or who doesn't have much of a THC tolerance. However, if you consume cannabis pretty regularly, you'll likely need to take several draws before feeling the bulk of the effects and you will need to draw again in 45 minutes to an hour to maintain. For these reasons, I don't feel like you get enough for the high price.

Just alright

By Justine from Dieppe, NB on February 11, 2020

I heard great things of this from the employees I spoke with, but it’s just meh. Sure I get high, but the price point for the high doesn’t match up. Much prefer others they offer. Tasted meh as well. Kind of like smoked pine trees.