Solei Unplug PAX Era Cartridge

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CBD : 9%
THC : 68%
For use with the PAX Era Battery, Solei Unplug PAX Pods have a soothing flavour of lavender and tea, with a hint of sweet and virtually no cannabis after-taste or smell. Although they contain high levels of THC, Unplug Pods also contain some CBD which should help create a balanced and approachable experience. 100% plant based, they contain only distillate cannabis oil paired with plant-derived terpenes, and no additional ingredients. Battery sold seperately.

Awful taste

By KellyJ from Moncton, NB on December 18, 2020

As far as the effects of this one, it was good enough but unfortunately the taste was really off putting. It was a sickening sweet & floral. I won’t be buying it again because of the taste.

Disappointing. Smooth but with a weird flavor

By Jimmy2345 from Edmundston, NB on August 19, 2020

Not to happy with this one. First the THC level is low for the 70 dollar price and the effects are not great. Yes it's smooth but it has a perfume like taste to it and i've tried a lot of 510 carts that give a better high so why I'm im spending more on Pax?

my favorite!

By Kathyy from Long Reach, NB on July 8, 2020

my favorite pax so far, great high and I love the taste

Taste like perfume

By moranimal from Moncton, NB on May 7, 2020

I find the potency/$ too be far to high for this product. I understand that pax is suppose to be the premium brand but I think 70$ for something under 70% THC is way to much to ask considering there are 510 options available that are better in potency and flavour. I didn't even finish my pod due to the perfume taste it gave off. Would not recommend

Smooth hit, nice taste

By DixieNormus from Frederictin, NB on March 30, 2020

This pod has an incredibly smooth hit and a nice taste almost like an earl grey tea. Smoothness might be due to the feature on the Pax Era to change the temperature but overall definitely a go to when looking for a relaxing high.

Like this pod

By Peternic from Sackville, NB on March 11, 2020

The era system is ideal for oil. Smooth draws, strong effects. The unplugged pod had good taste an a nice buzz. I hope more companies produce pods fro the Era. As another reviewer noted, the pods seem to last loner that 510 threaded vapes with same amount of oil. This includes the vessel which I also bought (prefer era though).

Incredibly smooth

By ForgotAboutDre from Moncton, NB on February 18, 2020

The Pax Era system is fantastic. Incredibly smooth and the pods seem to last a lot longer than the 510 carts for some reason. Well worth the investment and can't wait for for pods to become available.

Wonderful taste, incredibly smooth

By TheGrandmaster from Fredericton, NB on February 4, 2020

Wow is all I have to say about this one. I'm not sure if it's the Pax Era system or just this particular cartridge, but this was an incredibly smooth and comfortable pull. On top of that, this strain provides a delightful taste witha hint of citrus. Absolutely love it!