Kolab Indica 510 Vape Cartridge

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CBD : 0%
THC : 85%
Kolab's high-quality Indica distillate is in a no-leak 510-thread cartridge. It has fresh, leafy green notes, followed by crisp citrus. The finish is slightly dry and woody with a smooth vanilla sweetness. Battery and charger sold seperately.

A powerhouse of a cartridge, but it's got flaws.

By HappyPlant444 from Dieppe, NB on January 4, 2024

Starting with the flaws, this cartridge absolutely destroyed my lungs. That being said, this strain KNOCKED me on the couch for hours and I'd get the best sleep of my life. The taste was average and nothing bad about it. I still recommend people try it.

This vape is tasty and really effective

By Advancescout from Saint John, NB on September 16, 2023

The citrus finish and the overall taste experience is a little harsh finishing depending on your pull. Very satisfied with the Blackberry Cream, the flavourful and orangey finish and would very much recommend to one and all.

Robust cart design!

By GooseWithKnife from Riverview, NB on July 5, 2023

I love these kolab carts! They are constructed mostly of metal instead of plastic and are just super sturdy. Designed and built really well. Plus, you can even bring the empty carts back to some cannabis NB locations and they will supposedly recycle these sustainably for you!? Kind of cool if that's something you're into. This indica itself tastes pretty sweet and vanilla-y to me. Different strokes on the taste here apparently but the five stars do not lie. Super strong effects. Just wish they sold this in a 1g. Kolab's parent company Auxly makes some of the best vape carts/flavours in the industry right now, so almost anything from foray, kolab, or back40 is gonna be a hit.

Blackberry Cream

By Sparkytoker from Rothesay, NB on January 19, 2023

This is the cartridge that was referred to as Kolab Projects Blackberry cream, at least I always referred to it as. It is probably right up there with my all time favourites at Cannabis NB. I’m writing this in hopes that maybe else is trying to find their old beloved flavoured cartridge. The flavour profile is quite nice, tastes berry like with a creamy almost vanilla like undertone and finish. Very nice tasting cart. Sometimes it can make you cough, but IMO all flavoured carts come with some harshness. In the big picture this is not an overly harsh cart than compared to others. Only downside is I wish Cannabis NB would carry a 1g version of this cart if it exists.


By Dufour from Moncton, NB on March 1, 2021

Wow no joke this is an 85% Indica. If you want to sleep look no further. This is couch lock at its finest. It does indeed taste like rockets, very berry flavored. Nice high but prone to anxiety and paranoia. I wouldn't recommend smoking this and trying to go about your day. This is a big downer high, heavy medicating effects.

Want to laugh?

By AcadianMan from Oromocto, NB on September 25, 2020

I’ve looking for the strain that makes me giggle. This is the one for me. Love it.

Good lasting buzz.

By JayMo43 from St-Quentin, NB on July 16, 2020

This one is one of the best so far,I would recommend.

Lord Cannabis

By 420hashman420 from Fredericton, NB on January 21, 2020

tastes like rockets.