Hexo Granddaddy Purple 510 Vape Cartridge

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CBD : 23-27%
THC : 46-53%
High-quality 500 mg, 510 thread vape cartridge. Exclusively plant-derived and clinically tested, the mild THC potency potential single strain Granddaddy Purple formulation contains cannabinoids from sun-grown cannabis and terpenes. That’s it. No solvents or diluting agents, pesticides, or heavy metals; just the good stuff. Breath activated for ease of use, leak-free, and packaged in a child-resistant format, the Granddaddy Purple cartridge is methodically produced in a highly controlled environment for a consistent consumer experience. The food-grade ceramic heating element is engineered to atomize liquid in a precise, fool-proof way and lasts for approximately 150 uses. A clean and smooth finish with the light aroma of terpenes reminiscent of your favourite cannabis strain.
Grandaddy Purple

Fibromyalgia sucks. This takes the edge off and allows me to sleep at night!

By HappyPlant444 from Dieppe, NB on January 4, 2024

The taste is amazing, with all of its purpley goodness. However, I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here to talk about the effects of it's god-likeness. I've suffered with chronic pain, anxiety, and depression for the past 15 years and started medicating about 7 years ago. I've tried my fair share of different strains and I can tell you, this one is one of the only ones that targets my muscle, nerve, and joint pain at one given time. It's worked better than any medications I've previously been on and I'm almost completely off all of them now. With sleep, it not only helps me to fall asleep, but also to STAY asleep! I have chronic nightmares and it's the ONLY strains that I can reliably say DOES NOT trigger them for me. Others will sometimes create weird ones, but this one just lets me sleep for once! Definitely recommend to ALWAYS have one on hand, especially if you're a human over the age of 30 or have chronic pain!

One of my new favourites

By KellyMac8269 from Baie Verte, NB on June 6, 2022

Smooth hit and taste , really helped with my anxiety and insomnia issues lol

If you like Thrills Gum, you will LOVE this!

By JewelCrowe from Rothesay, NB on February 6, 2022

When I first took it out of the package I could smell it right away and it was just faint but I thought it smelled familiar and not like you would normally expect a cannabis product to smell. But the moment I took a draw off of my vape I was in love with the taste. I used to love Thrills gum as a child and this tastes exactly like that. If you do not like Thrills gum do not buy this vape. But if you do like Thrills gum you will love this vape. But please do not buy them all on me save me a couple. I don't generally buy cartridges with this high amount of CBD because I find that it counteracts the effects of the THC for me. But I heard that this one was very good for relaxing and I thought I would buy it for going to bed to help me sleep. It does have a nice effect. I have a very high tolerance, so I don't tend to get as much of an effect as somebody else might. But I do find that this one does make a very nice relaxing body feel. It is now my new favorite one based solely on taste but the effect is quite nice and I find it mild and not harsh on the throat at all.

Strong but smooth hit

By ClickPow from Nerepis, NB on May 30, 2021

Great cartridge for use with my Ryot 510 battery. Smooth draw, good flavour on all three settings/temps, but best with the middle setting (for my taste, at least), and strong hit on all settings. Good cloud and gets you IN the clouds.

Not a fan .....

By MaryJane420 from Moncton, NB on May 18, 2021

I just did not enjoy this one, I love Purple Monkey so their is no comparison to this. This one tasted off, burned my throat and made me cough a lot...