7Acres Indica PAX Era Cartridge

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CBD : 0%
THC : 84-88%
The 7ACRES Indica PAX pod is a high THC formulation using ethanol extracted distillate and re-introduced natural terpenes for a true representation of the popular Sensi Star cultivar. Tangy lemon, spicy pepper and funky gas notes combine for a one of a kind vape experience. For use exclusively with the PAX ERA device.
Sensi Star

Favourite of the pax indica’s

By KellyJ from Moncton, NB on December 18, 2020

So far this is my fav of the pax Indica’s. Hits me hard which I like for evenings before bedtime.

Favorite so far

By drdeadly from Fredericton, NB on September 10, 2020

I've tried this pod and I've checked out Namaste's D. Bubba, Ultra Sour, and the Citrique. I'm blanking on what the first one was that I tried when I first purchased the device - I think it was Solei "unplugged". It was fine but probably would not buy again. I enjoyed the Citique but found it kind of bland. The D. Bubba unfortunately tasted very burnt so I'm guessing that the atomizer was defective. I've seen people post the same on some of the other Namaste pods, just a suggestion: if you have experienced something similar where the pod tasted like burnt plastic, do NOT keep using it. There are components to an atomizer that if repeatedly inhaled could cause damage to your lungs. Namaste is a good company, get in touch with them they will resolve your issue with a defective pod. Anyway back to 7Acres! I've tried two of these Indica pods and they both worked great and lasted forever. I'm not sure if there's a difference of resistance in the atomizer's coil but it seems as if it has a softer hit even at the same temp setting I've noticed that the 7Acres doesn't hit quite as hard. That being said I've never had any trouble getting a solid toke out of it & the effects and the flavour are always on point. Strong, genuine cannabis taste with noticeably strong indica effects; similar to what I've heard from other folks on reddit - this pod, for me, has become my go-to bed time toke. It's just so darn convenient. I was going to write that I wish it hit slightly stronger but actually I think that would end up causing the pod to empty out faster. I am always very impressed by how long it lasts. I don't want to see that changed. For a 0.5g, it's shocking how much you can get out of it. This pod, so far, is my favourite. I'm pretty eager to check out what Riff has to offer. I've heard good things. I'm also curious to find out how the Edison Lola Montes stacks up against this pod. Either way I'm just happy to see these options available locally. What a world!

Not Worth the Money

By Bongs4Life from Shediac, NB on August 8, 2020

Very weak vape if you are a avid smokers. mild flavor is good but the buzz is very low and you will be wishing you bought another cartridge.

As good as 7ACRES bud

By McDanderson420 from Moncton, NB on June 1, 2020

My first time trying my PAX and 7ACRES did not disappoint. I loved most of their bud and their pod is on the same level. Would buy again, but a bit pricy.