34 Street Seed Co Bubba Kush 2.5 (Feminized) Indica

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This genetic is Indica heavy with a high THC production potential. This plant will produce dark green flowers, with purple pigments in late flower with an incredibly pungent and classic aroma and flavor. The higher stretch rate will complement the larger yields but should considered when growing either indoors or outdoors. Bubba Kush is a beginner friendly cultivar and is resistant to mold and pests, which makes it a great candidate for all growing types. Colder temperatures and environments should be avoided. • Yield: High • THC: 18 – 28% • Terpenes: 2% + • Flower Period: 8 – 8.5 weeks • Lineage: Death Bubba X Bubba Kush 2.

Very pleased. This product delivered what I wanted. Thanks 34 Street :)

By ReservoirDog from Riverview, NB on February 7, 2023

These aren't the tallest plants but they'll yield some big tasty buds that smell great! I waited an extra week before harvesting to let some of the THC convert to CBN. The effects are great if you like couche lock, a great body buzz, and a decent cerebral high. I already purchased my seeds for this year's growing season.

Great so far

By Lovebuds from Mazerolle Settlement, NB on November 12, 2022

4/5 Germination, strong plants Only day 22 but impressed so far.

Strong, stinky, sticky!

By budboi from Rothesay, NB on July 14, 2022

So far 3/3 on germination, each with strong starts. Successfully cloned 5 babies from one mom with good results. Buds currently late flower with notes of citrus/sour apple. Dense medium sized buds, and the listed stretch rate is real! Quality stuff and am buying more variety from 34 street as a result.

Good value no issues

By Matthew1 from Fredericton, NB on September 30, 2021

Bought 20 seeds from this company in the last few months and have had 19 sprout

Horrible value, 2 out of 5 sprouted

By ______sl from Dieppe, NB on July 12, 2021

Street Seed Co. sells dead seeds. Given these are our only legal options to buy seeds, these are the worst possible value since they don't all sprout. I want to stress that I sanitize my tools, placed everything in peat moss pellets inside a small sanitized clear green house tray that is also placed inside a grow tent. I have a very high sprout ratio with everything from vegetables and flowers but these cannabis seeds are by far the worst. I bought these twice considering it was probably a one-off thing but on average, each plant that actually sprouted amount to 35$ each. Ask for a friend to gift a clone.