Solei Free Oral Spray

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CBD : 20-30 mg/ml
THC : 0-2 mg/ml
Your spa escape – without the hefty bill. A fast-acting, ready-to-use, smoke-free option, Solei Free oral spray is ready-to-use.
MCT (medium chain triglycerides)

Very reliable

By earlyvix from Moncton, NB on January 12, 2021

This product is one of my favourites, does wonders for my anxiety disorder and panic attacks. It’s very much my go-to. The only thing is change is the bottle- either the spray mechanism or perhaps in a tincture. Sometimes the bottles end up spraying it literally everywhere and makes a mess, which wastes some product. Otherwise the actual oil works great for me, I really love the stuff.

Great for chronic anxiety and helps with sleeping

By taylormadeincan from Upper Letang, NB on December 5, 2020

This is purely CBD no THC and I feel this has been a HUGE help with my anxiety and panic disorders. You do have shake well and when you start dose slowly. Also, make sure it sits under your tongue (for proper absorption) for a few minutes to really get the full benefits. There are a lot days were I don't have to rely on Ativan to get me through everyday life since starting this and I never thought I would say that. If you suffer from anxiety and panic give this a try.

Not bad could be better

By Nickname from Campbellton, NB on November 3, 2020

It's ok but not the best. One problem with the spray bottles is the way they're made sometimes when you spray it ends up going in all different directions all over the place.


By CannaReview from Fredericton, NB on October 3, 2019

This was the second oil spray that I tried and it's not bad, but also not my favorite. Seems a bit more energetic and less body effects, so I guess it depends on what you are looking for. Pretty good for social gatherings, but if you are looking for relaxation there are better proportions options out there.