Tweed Penelope Oral Spray

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CBD : 15-25 mg/ml
THC : 25 mg/ml
High THC with a little bit of CBD for good measure - Tweed Penelope Oil Spray is a terpene-inclusive cannabis extract, infused into non-GMO, coconut-derived MCT oil. This high potency oil delivers 25 mg/mL THC with a side of 18mg/mL CBD for a uniquely balanced cannabis experience from your friends at Tweed.
MCT (medium chain triglycerides)

Amazing high

By RiaandHoney1 from Moncton , NB on September 1, 2022

For me it lasts a while and has become my go to spray, the fact that it keeps going out of stock should be a sign of that. Long live weed.

Wouldn't recommend

By Eh_theist from Riverview, NB on July 8, 2021

Sometimes I'll feel something from 4 sprays... but more often than not I can spray 8 times which should be about 20mg worth and I feel nothing. I'm not even an experienced user of cannabis... so its not as if I've built up a resistance. This has been my experience from 4 different canisters of this product.

Disappointed in quantity

By Captain from Hillsborough, NB on April 19, 2021

According to the packaging this is supposed to contain 20 ml of oil. However after going through a few bottles I noticed that it didn't seem to last as long as I expected it to last. So the last bottle I decided to keep track of how many sprays I got. I take 5 sprays a night so that would be .5 ml a night. My last bottle only lasted for 33 nights so that would be a total of 16.5 ml not 20 ml. That concerns me because either I'm not getting the quantity that I paid for or the amount per spray is not consistent. Since I'm using this for pain control, I really want the amount per spray to be consistent. I still have one more bottle to use and I'll be keeping track of that one as well. 

Amazing effects!

By Nashxoxo from Fredericton, NB on September 16, 2019

Oils don't usually work great for me, but the combination of the THC and the CBD made my head spin! This product is amazing and I recommend it to any non-smoking cannabis consumer! (even to those who prefer smoking lol)