Tweed Bakerstreet Peppermint Milk Chocolate

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CBD : <0.25 mg/pc
THC : 2.5 mg/pc
This cannabis-infused chocolate was made in a former chocolate factory in Smiths Falls, Ontario, using Tweed's very own THC-dominant indica strain, Bakerstreet. Each evenly scored square of this Bakerstreet and Peppermint milk chocolate bar contains 2.5mg of THC. Start low: if you are new to THC edibles, we recommend you start with one square. Be patient: it can take 30 minutes to 2 hours before you will feel the effects of ingesting THC. Go slow: wait at least 4 hours, even up to 24 hours to see how you feel before consuming any more. Ingredients: Natural flavour, cacao beans, organic cane sugar, milk powder, organic cocoa butter, cannabis distillate. Allergens: Contains milk. May contain tree nuts and peanuts.

Great quality and taste!

By usernametaken from Fredericton, NB on December 22, 2019

Overall great experience. Bar tasted great and was good quality. I felt pleasant effect on half of the bar but your mileage may vary. Looking forward to more flavors from Tweed!

Delicious, quality chocolate. Disappointing effect.

By 420420420 from Fredericton, NB on December 20, 2019

The chocolate itself is so delicious, you can tell it's high quality. The designs on the bar are really cute. Sadly, 10mg (health canada limit) simply did nothing for me. If you experience effects with less than 10mg then this product is great for you! If your tolerance is higher than that, you would have to spend a decent chunk of cash and consume a lot of chocolate to have effects. Overall, a great product if the dosage is enough for you. I might be interested in smaller chocolates of the same dosage.

Very good tasting, decent effect

By TheGrandmaster from Fredericton, NB on December 19, 2019

I tried one of these bars for the first time, and I was pleasantly surprised by how good it tasted. It was a nice mix of milk and dark chocloate tastes with a hint of peppermint. The effect wasn't too strong, but was pleasant. I'd say these make for a nice treat.