Trailblazer Snax Mocha Milk Chocolate

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CBD : 0 mg/pc
THC : 2 mg/pc
Chocolate meets mocha. We combined the best of everything all in one edible. Trailblazer SNAX Mocha contains 42 g of creamy milk chocolate made with 38% cocoa and all-natural mocha flavouring, including specially tailored cocoa profiles to complement each flavour. Boldly infused with 10 mg THC, each bar is made with 90% pure THC distillate, a virtually tasteless, odorless extract to ensure every bar is all taste and no compromise.

Best chocolate yet!

By RoyHobbs from Keswick Ridge, NB on October 5, 2020

This has to be the best tasting chocolate on the market to date! Plus, there is an appreciable amount of chocolate in this bar compared to the squares that are out there. No cannabis taste. Definitely buying this again!

Come for the THC, Stay for the Chocolate

By Byrnesy from Fredericton, NB on September 12, 2020

This was only my fourth time sampling edibles. I bought the 5 deal and knew from past experience, in order to get more than just a nice night's sleep, I needed to consume all of them. This was no problem at all. By far the best edible I've had at this point. The outside was slightly hard with a creamy truffle like mixture inside. The bar itself is relatively small if you consider other chocolate bars, but still with the same amount of THC, so this is actually a better way to consume for regular users as you don't end up eating a pound of chocolate along with your 100mg.

Love it almost as much as the mint

By Odin_of_Jorvik from Allison, NB on August 29, 2020

Love this, but prefer the Mint version. Both versions WAY better than any other chocolate Cannabis NB sell

AMAZING chocolate 🍫

By TK2Kool from Grove Hill, NB on August 21, 2020

wow, if you didn't tell me there was cannabis in this I'd have no idea. Delicious! I didn't want to stop! 2 pieces at 4mg THC is perfect for a movie on the couch!