Twd.28 C99

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CBD : 0-0.1%
THC : 17-23%
Twd.28 C99 is a sativa-dominant THC strain. Its dense buds are covered in trichomes, and smell of clove and pine thanks to the terpenes caryophyllene and pinene.

Good taste, nothing else.

By HeavySmoker from Saint-Arthur, NB on May 21, 2023

C99 has a good taste but looks very dark and is far from having a clean burn, always leaves you with black ash and a dry cough. Far from being a quality product, not worth the price( and the coughs)

Great effects, poor performance

By Earlgraig from Fredericton, NB on May 18, 2023

I really enjoy the buzz and, if using a vapourizer, there are really no issues. If you choose to roll and smoke, however, beware as this stuff is very greasy. I have yet to get a joint to smoke effectively to completion. I don't know if it wasn't cured properly or what, but it is annoying. Have your pipe/bong handy to finish that nasty j!

Good version of Cinderella....

By Sunstone from Riverbank South, NB on January 25, 2023

Really nice effects and taste, breaks up pretty easy and fresh, i think the best strain from TWD, though still not quite the DOJA version.....It's a definite Sativa, in this fairy tale the ball starts around as early as I'm not doing anything...a definite daytimer weed....cheers