Namaste Ultra Sour

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CBD : 0-1%
THC : 12-25%
Ultra Sour is a heavy-hitting sativa-dominant hybrid with pale green buds that are covered in trichomes. Aromas of citrus and diesel make Ultra Sour a flavourful option, great for cannabis connoisseurs.
Ultra Sour

citrusy fan here you"re sativa

By Danyweeds from Richibouctou-Village, NB on March 21, 2023

one of the best tasting sativa out there !! made in new brunwick also

Best Ultra Sour Ever.

By Khud91 from Balmoral, NB on January 11, 2023

I've had ultra sour multiple times in the past but the 1OZ I picked up was incredible. Nice dense buds and aroma, but the taste.. it was top tier. The terpenes were amazing ! This specific lot I tried is a 10/10 for me. I would recommend giving Namaste another try because this was a huge surprise for me.

Solid, if a little pricey

By Sunstone from Riverbank South, NB on September 18, 2022

A nice Sativa that is a bit higher priced than a few other just as good options at the store...Nice diesel taste, usually not too dry. would be nice to see them offer an ounce to drop the per gram price

Tasty and fresh

By CoreyLahey69 from Shediac River, NB on September 13, 2022

Classic ultra sour/NYC diesel taste, if you’ve never had it its worth the try.

The best!

By Kikicat from Aroostook, NB on November 18, 2021

The best I've ever tasted and the best experience! It's a perfect sativa, it always puts me in a good mood whether I'm at a social gathering or I'm working out. Get's me pumped up!

Declining quality

By ReptilianJoe from Hillsborough, NB on March 17, 2021

This was once a favorite occasional kind of treat for me. However I've noticed a steady decline in quality coupled with an increase in price. Now this is just an over priced 'meh' kind of product.

Very nice weed

By Bikerbaker from Geary, NB on August 16, 2020

Being a daily smoker I am always looking for a new weed when my tolerance level changes from smoking the same weed frequently. Ultra sour gives me a good jolt of alertness when I hit my point of exhaustion, turning your mood to being alert, happy, and very focused. This will be added to my list of favorites!

Very nice!

By pxlcrow from Fredericton, NB on March 28, 2020

My partner and I are lightweights but we use this as a sleep aid and it works great. Very mellow and relaxing.

A true (and delicious) Sativa

By WickedRuiner from Dieppe, NB on February 6, 2020

This kind of tangy/citrusy taste is my favorite so naturally I love this strain. A true sativa. The potency of this strain varies batch to batch and honestly I haven't noticed much of a difference, it still hits hard at 11-12%.

High End Sativa

By Cannabee from New Maryland, NB on February 1, 2020

My favourite Sativa to date. High THC %, great smell and clear headed high.