FIGR Go Steady Sunshine Bubble Kush

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CBD : 0-2%
THC : 23-28%
Go Steady Sunshine Bubble Kush is a balanced hybrid created by crossing the Sunshine State’s Triangle Kush with the dank, bubble hash-esque ‘88 G13 Hashplant. The strain has a sugary, earthy flavour with a gentle, spicy aroma of cloves and pine, followed by a citrusy perfume. With deep purple, almost black sugar leaves streaking down the bud, it’s known for producing extremely potent flowers with THC levels ranging from 22% - 28%. FIGR dried flower products are hand selected to ensure dense, high-quality buds are in every package.

P-U, literally.

By Badchild from Dieppe, NB on November 23, 2023

As soon as I opened it and got that first smell, I almost thought someone was playing a joke on me. Smoking this stuff didn't help any. I'm just glad I didn't get two. Weeds like these should be weeded out, not marked down. Be honest, this stuff is gross.


By Nunyabiz from Gagetown, NB on July 11, 2023

Packaged Aug 2022. No moisture pack. Very dry. Poor trim job. Harsh to smoke. Gave me a headache. This was disappointing because I have had good product from FIGR before.