7ACRES Jack Haze

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CBD : 0-0.1%
THC : 18-23%
In tribute to cannabis activist Jack Herer’s namesake strain, 7ACRES has developed a sativa-dominant cultivar with a unique combination of sweet citrus, crisp pine and warm spice notes. 7ACRES Jack Haze was a result of a large genetic selection program, with the goal of finding a novel sativa expression. This particular phenotype stood out among the rest,  as it possessed both the sweet haze notes characteristic of a haze cultivar, along with the distinct spice aroma which has made Jack Herer a favourite amongst the cannabis community for years.

Smells Phenomenal

By CoreyLahey69 from Shediac River, NB on March 26, 2023

Fresh buds, smells very citrus , slight pine . Great smoke .

great bud

By Gonzosghost from Woodstock, NB on July 28, 2022

nice clear headed buzz. really nice to smoke

Amazing taste and smell

By Reviewer8 from Saint John, NB on November 6, 2021

One of if not the best smelling and tasting weeds. Smells and tastes fruity. Also now one of my favourite sativas the come up can be strong and overwhelming for about 15-20 minutes but once the high settles in it’s a pretty amazing high. Amazing for the morning or after a long work day to make for feel %100 again. The only thing I would change about this strain is how hard it initially hits you lol. Still love it though

Best smelling legal strain.

By LeJM_NB from lakeville, NB on November 26, 2020

Smells & taste like orange/yellow starburst / skittles kinda insane how nice it smells. Taste citrus lemon / orange ish, high is wavey comes and goes, only wish that it was a little bit stronger but pretty nice.

Very impressed

By Starlord from Moncton, NB on September 22, 2020

This is the best sativa I have tried from CNB. Packaged less than a month ago, big fresh buds, not the least bit dry and smells great. I find the high from most sativa's a bit weak, but this one hits good. Great job 7acres.


By WickedRuiner from Dieppe, NB on September 2, 2020

Been a while since I had anything with Jack Herer in it. Very nicely manicured bud, great familiar fruity smell in the jar. A very uplifting and stimulating high. Wouldn't recommend for those who don't like the anxiety rush from Sativas. My stuff was 20% THC. I thought it would be more potent, but it hits hard enough.

Nice Sativa

By Cificeps from Moncton, NB on February 15, 2020

Tastes great in a vape, nice dense buds, smells fantastic. 7Acres is killing it.