TWD Indica Pre Roll

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CBD : 0-0.1%
THC : 18-24%
Twd. Indica pre-rolls an assortment of THC-dominant strains to create a rolled and ready-to-use product. All Twd. products are Canadian-grown, and each plant is carefully cultivated. Where you find Twd., you’ll find value. It’s that simple. These Indica pre-rolls have a very strong THC potency potential and minimal CBD levels.

Absolutely Bland

By CannaDoo from Moncton, NB on December 22, 2022

I cannot believe one of these costs $11! It had no taste and became impossible to get a decent hit after smoking half of it. I looked it over for rips or tears (there were none). I put it out and lit it again thinking that would fix the issue (nope). It alsondidn't seem rolled too tightly either. I do not recommended buying!

A Tip for those who think it’s packed too tightly

By Somethingsomeone from Big River, NB on September 11, 2020

(Skip if you don’t own a bong/pipe) So when buying these prerolls I noticed how tightly packed they were and I was like “yaaa nah” but THEN I was like “Man I’m so smart I can just unroll and put the weed in my grinder and just smoke it in my bowl. And let me tell you, one puff and you’re stoned.. Though this feels more like a hybrid than indica so that’s why I gave it a 4. Oh and because I had to unroll it from how tightly packed it was.

Not Impressed

By RollingRob from Saint John, NB on April 27, 2020

I bought several of these when they were on special for 4/20. The joints contained a lot of powdered material and were rolled too tightly to smoke. Leafy taste. I would not recommend it.