Houseplant Sativa Pre-Rolls

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CBD : 0-1%
THC : 20-25%
Houseplant Sativa is a high THC potency potential strain. Its long, densely packed trichomes extend from the buds onto the adjacent leaves, giving it a true "sugar leaf" appearance. This plant boasts dark, hardy leaves and a terpenes profile featuring beta-caryophyllene and myrcene which yields a pungent earthy, spicy scent.

Roll your own

By Medic420 from Waasis, NB on August 14, 2020

I got lazy and purchased these for the high THC and the ease of use. What a waste. I purchased 5 packs and every single joint burnt uneven. I can roll much better. I wouldn’t buy again unless much cheaper, even then I’d probably roll them myself.

Small but mighty

By Jester from Hamtown Corner, NB on May 26, 2020

Was a bit surprised when I opened it because the joints were short and fat so they looked a bit small, but I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and the high overall :) I do wish they rolled them more uniformly though!