Canaca Blend 14 Pre Roll

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CBD : 0-1%
THC : 14-17%
Three half-gram medium-potency pre-rolls made with a blend of high-quality Canaca whole flower. Sold in a minimal and reusable pop-top tube.

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By SW220HT from Tracadie, NB on December 26, 2021

It'll help you for sure, CA VA grandement t'ameliorer. **

Honest Review

By CannabinoidJack from Moncton, NB on November 24, 2020

Bought this at a fair enough price ($9.99) for 1.5g pre-rolled into 3 joints. Smell was great, tickled my nose with the sweet aroma, smoke was alright, flavour kinda lacks after the first few puffs which ultimately makes you feel like you’ve been chewing on dirt along with a harsh smoke leaving your throat feeling like you should get a Covid test. The High, something I believe all those who indulge in cannabis look forward too the most (obviously) and sadly this product disappointed me. The cannabis pre-rolled into these joints were 17% in THC (I was told at the store) the strain was “blend 14”, what ever that means, personally getting fed up with the renaming of these strains to fit certain companies, anyway, when it comes to cannabis I’m sort of a “lightweight”, someone smoking could fart as I walk by and my eyes would probably go bloodshot, with that image in mind these joints barely got me to a point of feeling anything. I was a little high, but I’d expect to be much higher after smoking half a gram of cannabis supposedly 17% in THC. It’s not something I’d like to buy again and I believe it will differentiate between grows. I look forward to reading other reviews on this product, maybe even try it again after some positive feedback!