Blissco Cold Creek Kush Pre Roll

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CBD : 0-3%
THC : 17-29%
"Blissco Cold Creek Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid with high levels of THC. This premium whole flower bred by T.H. Seeds is dominated by the terpene Pinene creating a balanced, sour, piney aroma, and fresh taste. Blissco is committed to sourcing packaging that is the least harmful to our environment. Packaged in a compostible pouch, each pre roll contains 0.5g of premium dried flower."
Cold Creek Kush

High THC, well worth the price

By Wayfinder from Fredericton, NB on October 26, 2019

I love the packaging, it is by far the best for the environment, but a little more difficult to open. Burns well.

A great treat to share

By GiddyB from Dieppe, NB on September 27, 2019

I was told that not many could finish this pre-roll, so I purchased it. I did smoke the entire pre-roll and it hit HARD, I would have been fine with half probably. After I smoked it, I felt it for at least an hour and a half, which was impressive to me. It's a little pricey, however I would purchase again to treat myself or to maybe share with a couple friends. Not something I would purchase often.

Good but expensive

By CannaDo from Moncton, NB on September 16, 2019

I bought some that was 21%THC and found it to have a different taste than anything I've tried to date. I vaped some of it and smoked the remainder. I found it hit harder in the vaporizer vs smoking. It gave a good body buzz. My only complaint was that its too expensive. I would have given it 3.5/5 but the site doesn't allow half-stars.