Tweed Penelope (Skunk Haze)

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CBD : 5-11%
THC : 6-12%
The Penelope strain is a hybrid with a balance of CBD and THC. The buds tend to be narrow but dense with bright-coloured pistils. The terpene pinene gives this strain a piney aroma complimented with notes of cloves from the terpene myrcene. Did you know? Penelope spelled backwards is Epolenep? Knowledge is power.
CBD Skunk Haze

This Varies

By EntWife from Lower Greenwich, NB on November 6, 2021

I have used this strain many times since it's almost always available. And it can be quite different each time I buy. It can be potent, and then next batch can be extremely mild and dry. Regardless, I haven't been disappointed with how it made me feel. I just wish it was more consistent.

Balance CBD/THC

By LeProDuCannabis from Bertrand, NB on October 17, 2021

Cannabis qui est très bien balancé, pas anxiété associé car CBC en bonne concentration. Excellent pour relaxer après une grand journée de travail. Love It.

Good weed for new people / new smokers.

By LeJM_NB from lakeville, NB on January 27, 2021

Has a balance high (hence the cbd) cant really bad trip on it, might take two bowls to get a good high going, mild in taste and aroma ..mine sadly had seeds in it. But I can see this be a good strain to introduce to new smokers.

Great Skunky CBD strain!

By Longtermeffects from Upper Golden Grove, NB on May 29, 2020

Great taste and skunky smell give this cbd strain a bit of a kick. Liked it so much I bought an ounce. Good sized nugs but a bit dry like most tweed products.

Small nugs. Dry. But good strain.

By Anonymous from Hillsborough, NB on May 9, 2020

A good balanced strain. Might want to re-hydrate the contents a bit before using. I enjoy this when I want to have a bigger joint that's going to burn for a while I'm outside sitting by a fire and talking with friends. If you're a seasoned consumer looking for a heavy trip, look elsewhere. If you want to be able to smoke and still be 'on earth' so you can hold a conversation with your friends this is a good choice.

Fantastic Relaxation

By SneakyDisco from McLeod Hill, NB on May 8, 2020

The effects of CBD really show up in this one. Your body feels good but not couch locked.

Great strain

By Taxik88 from Sunny Corner, NB on May 4, 2020

No doubt the best CBD/THC strain I have tried in my life.

Good strain but dry buds

By fragile from Moncton, NB on April 18, 2020

Great balanced CBD-THC strain, but the Tweed containers have no freshness seal and the buds are as dry as you might expect. Pretty silly if you ask me!

CBD heavy strain that needs more credit

By tallblazer from St Andrews, NB on March 7, 2020

A lot of people aren't a fan of CBD heavy strains but this makes for a great overall feeling of wellbeing. For the price, I think it's ideal if you mix it with higher THC strains that have low CBD. That way you feel the effects of both more strongly and for longer (in my experience!)

Way Too Dry

By BlakSquirl from Shediac, NB on October 12, 2019

I didn't like this strain, the buds are way too dry and small.