Tweed Argyle

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CBD : 2-10%
THC : 2-10%
Argyle is an indica-dominant strain with a balanced THC-to-CBD ratio. Its verdant green buds are quite dense and are accented by orange hairs. The terpene myrcene is responsible for Argyle's earthy aroma. Did you know? The letters that make up the word “argyle” can be rearranged to spell “garley”. However, “garley” isn’t actually a word, so…

A great daytime strain

By Kyenil from Douglas, NB on February 25, 2020

Can't recommend this enough if you're looking for a strain to juuuust ease up during a workday or relaxing afternoon. Doesn't hit too hard, but it's a very calm, collected high.

give it a shot

By takeiteasy from Fredericton, NB on February 6, 2020

Yes, this smells a bit grassy in the bottle. But, if you vape it, especially on a lower temp, it was really nice and you can appreciate the flavours. I'd say the flavour profile is more complex than Durga Mata 2 which has a similar balanced THC/CBD ratio. It's a nice balanced high, calm and good for taking it easy.

Tweed = Greed

By Derb506 from Moncton, NB on December 12, 2019

Purchased this product and was not impressed. It had a very grassy smell and was dried to the bone, most likely due to improper drying and storage.