Re-Up Sensi Star

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  • Buy an ounce (28g) of Re-Up Sensi Star for $100!
  • Buy an Arizer Argo and an ounce of Wappa, Mk Ultra, Sensi Star or Shishkaberry for $200.99!
CBD : 0%
THC : 9-12.9%
Stay grounded with Re-Up’s Sensi Star. Earthy and woody, this strain is a sweet compliment to whatever your day may bring.

Works well for my purposes

By istink from Fredericton, NB on July 19, 2020

A good value Indica at a price point that is actually competitive with the surprisingly robust black market.

Awesome for the price

By WeedTy from Moncton, NB on July 14, 2020

does the trick for the price!

Do not buy this trash!!

By Chollins from Plaster Rock, NB on July 7, 2020

Was pleasantly surprised at first to have gotten an ounce of sensi star for 100$. I quickly realized why its so cheap. I FOUND A PEPPERCORN IN THE BAG. No it was not a seed i tasted it. Defintitely a black peppercorn. I found the taste to be ultra harsh and peppery. No wonder. It pops and snaps when burning. Only plus side was it burned clean. Ill never buy RE UP product again.

this is a waste of money GARBAGE

By moon420 from saint john, NB on June 24, 2020

this is plain garbage ..... will never buy this again .total waste of money... i would not even give it 1 star.... ths stuff had as much thc as tobacco does ...big big waste of money

Best deal ever

By Martyrless from Campbellton, NB on June 24, 2020

It hit me like a wall, it says 10% but if you told me it was 18% or higher i'd believe it. It doesn't have much of a taste or smell, but I don't need it to!

Leafy and Burnt Tips

By Forney from Saint John, NB on June 23, 2020

It does smell like a barn, taste is very mild. Flower tops were burnt yellow and really dry to the touch THC was only 4% lower than the MK Ultra available from Re-up But the quality was hardly 20% of the MK... I agree with others, and wouldn't pay $50 for another ounce of this

No worth it at all

By RemiVilz from Oromocto, NB on June 18, 2020

No taste , No Trichomes, No Terpene smell. Just plain junk weed. I bought it because of the 100$ deal but made a mistake. Normally I smoke not even a full joint and with this one I'm at 3 a night trying to reach a buzz that never happens.

If you are Broke and Desperate

By WesleyPipes from Shediac, NB on June 10, 2020

I wouldve returned this ounce if I couldve, even though it was only 100$. Smells like hay, buzz is very, very light. Youll be smoking more to make up for the quality. I would pass unless you are seriously desperate for a big bag.

Very nice product

By Tattykatty from Moncton, NB on June 8, 2020

I was a bit skeptical at first to try this based on the bad reviews but I got some and I absolutely love it tastes good smells good looks good gives you a good Buzz I really have zero complaints :)

Decent smoke for the price

By OldStoner from Fredericton, NB on June 8, 2020

I bought an oz couple weeks ago. They have this marked down to 100.00 for gods sakes, so why not, right? Buds not as big as Wappa and its drier, so I threw in a piece of apple skin to moisten up a little more. But other than that, for the price its decent toke. If you don like the smell or taste, throw in a piece of Apple or Banana skin and let it sit for a day. It'll moisten it up and mellow the taste. For a budget smoke, I'll buy again at this price.