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CBD : 0-1%
THC : 12-18%
Single strain strong THC potency potential Sativa flower. Original Stash products are naturally sun grown in hybrid greenhouses, free of chemical pesticides. Competitively priced to crush the black market. Quality weed. Legit price.

Shaken, not stirred!

By DarkCanuk506 from Edmundston, NB on October 9, 2020

(2.5 Stars) Lot# AAA-112651 / Packaged on 04/09/2020 / 15.6% THC. The bag appeal is terrible. Half of my package was shake (or broken down bud because it was too dry). Of the buds that were intact, the trim was very well done. However, the product was way too dry. Even my humidity pack wasn't able to bring it back before I smoked it all. On the nose, the smell was faded but I could still make out the terpenes and parentage. The taste test revealed more of the same. A faded taste but at least there is some taste. The smoke test revealed a nice near-white ash. It's a smooth smoke but burned very fast on account of how dry it was. At least it's clean. The effects were great for a daytime dosage. I was very sceptical about how such a low THC % would affect me, but it did the trick as long as I didn't smoke anything stronger. Even at $130 an ounce, the price is way too high for what it is. This should be around $100/ounce, or lower. I'm slightly satisfied with this product. It does have a nice tension-relieving effect but it's not strong enough for insomniacs, or for joint pains. Personally, I'd like to see this strain come in at around 20% THC and be cured properly. Until that happens and until the price drops I won't buy anymore of this and I don't suggest that you do.

3/4 buds 1/4 crushed bud.

By Sparky420 from Quispamsis, NB on September 22, 2020

I'll start by saying it's good day time smoke. After I washed the lawn and mowed the dishes I had productive day. I'd buy this all day long at $100 a ounce, too bad it was $120. Out of the 28g I got 6.38g of shake. Actually it was more like buds that were too dry and got crushed up in the package as it was all smokable. Now to say its taking a stab at the blackmarket is dumb. Sketchy Steve in Apt. 3B would never look you in the face and sell you an ounce of dried out buds with nearly a 7g of it powered but what can ya do? I tossed in a handful of humidity packs and it helped a bit.

15.68% Grade A

By G2theU from Lincoln, NB on September 14, 2020

Maybe 2g of shake but it actually weighs 28 unlike other products that lose weight. Very dry but I use a RAW hydro-stone over night. Good product, good price.

Crumbles and very dry

By Dr_Dre_Chronic from Collette, NB on September 5, 2020

Very dry and most of the bag is like shake. Smokable and little harsh but nice results.