Namaste Ultra Sour

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CBD : 0-1%
THC : 12-25%
Ultra Sour is a heavy-hitting sativa-dominant hybrid with pale green buds that are covered in trichomes. Aromas of citrus and diesel make Ultra Sour a flavourful option, great for cannabis connoisseurs.
Ultra Sour

More Sweet Than Sour

By WeedN00b from Moncton, NB on October 3, 2019

This smelled great when I first opened it. The batch I had was 22%THC and had a good amount of moisture. It even stuck a bit to my grinder. The high starts off a bit strong but quickly comes down a bit and stays there for a while. I'm buying this again for sure.

Solid Product

By NovaBrunswick from Napan, NB on October 3, 2019

I had this in a joint and I found it smooth and was not too intense of a high. Very good if you like a mellow high.

Great Sativa!

By SativaMatt from Dieppe, NB on October 3, 2019

The taste and smell and unbelievable.

Hard to Please Vaper

By ReservoirDog from Riverview, NB on September 25, 2019

After hearing so many great things from reputable people, I went and tried this strain. What a dissapointment. This product is the worst purchase I've made at CNB. It smelled like hay, was bone dry, made me cough, the buds were small and weren't trimmed well. The bad aftertaste would stick to your gums for an hour. There was hardly any buzz at all (12%) and it gave me a headache. It's possible that I got a bad batch. Normally I wouldn't complain but I paid top dollar for it at the time.

Top Smelling bud

By Peeboud from Petit-Rocher-Nord, NB on September 24, 2019

This has to be one of the best smelling products offered by CNB at the moment. This strain is a cross of MK ultra with Sour Diesel, and a good phenotype at that. Very pungent on the nose, will stink up a room quick. Strong Lemon (lime?) smell with a bit of a chemical mix with it (very pleasant). This bud smokes and vapes amazing, great aftertaste and amazing Sativa type effects. If you are into great flavors this is a must get!

Smells awesome!

By GiddyB from Dieppe, NB on September 21, 2019

Not a fan of sativas in general however I did really enjoy this one. I wasn't too in my head which is usually what gives me anxiety. Sweet and sour smell and taste, great strain!