Namaste Shishkaberry

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CBD : 0-1%
THC : 11-19%
Shishkaberry is known for its sweet berry flavour and pleasant aroma. It has moderately high THC levels and tight buds that display different shades of purple.

Where's the Berry?

By DarkCanuk506 from Edmundston, NB on November 19, 2020

(2.5 Stars) (Lot #1000855 / Packaged on 03/19/20 / 17% THC) This product had a really nice bag appeal. The trim was a bit loose but the buds were all of a nice size. This company has one of the better curing practices in the industry. Whether the product is a year old, or only a few months old, the cure is always spot on (popcorn dry on the outside, dank and somewhat fresh on the inside.) For some reason, this product didn't sport the customary Shishkaberry scent. It smelled like the container it came in. Unfortunately, the scent has faded completely. The taste has also faded. I couldn't make out any terpenes, or flavonoids. I've had this strain in the past and found it to be very tasty. I'm not sure what happened to this batch. The smoke test revealed a very near white ash. This is a very clean product and is a very smooth smoke. I never choked-up smoking this product. The effects were a bit weak. I've never known this specific Shishkaberry to be much of a heavy hitter but the effects were very weak with this batch. The price is a little high for what this is. This batch had no scent, no taste, and the effects were pretty weak compared to previous batches. This product should be around the $25 for 3.5 grams price point. I actually wasn't satisfied with this product, this time around. I'm not sure what happened to the strain. Maybe some Mothers have been over-used and need to be killed-off, maybe some other environmental conditions. I do know that I've had better Shishkaberry, from Namaste, in the past. Personally, I'm now wary of ordering more Shishkaberry until a new batch has been released because I don't want to get the same batch that prompted this review.

Nice and smooth

By washignere from petit rocher, NB on November 8, 2020

Well I love this strand, glad I listened to a friend and started out slow cause its got quite a bang. Real relaxed with no tension points on my body; real real cool feeling.

Dry and under weight

By RickyG from Waasis, NB on March 7, 2020

Just grabbed a "gram" from Oromocto, weighed in at 0.8g and was dry and crunchy.. Thought they had solved that problem, I guess not. Smells good, looks alright for small popcorn buds. Just un-happy with it being over dry, and underweight.

Only strain I tried who got me so buzzed I only wanted to chill out and relax

By Killer from Shediac, NB on February 7, 2020

Tried it many times, every time, the buzz was so intense that I just needed to sit down and chill. It had the same effect on a couple of buddies, it really did hit us harder than expected. The THC level was at 15,9%.

Great fruity taste - hits much more like a Sativa than Indica

By WickedRuiner from Dieppe, NB on February 6, 2020

As one would expect from a Shiskaberry, the taste is really nice. It's technically listed as an Indica, but really has none of the typical indica effects (for me anyway). It was very clear headed and a strain that I would have preferred to go out and do something on. I can see it being a good strain for socializing. If you're looking to get incapacitated on the couch and chill, this is not the one.

Review !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Mick764 from Trudel, NB on January 28, 2020

Super goût mes il manque un tit quelque chose plus pour fumeur moyen ou débutant !!

Le pouvoir du Berry

By LeProDuCannabis from Bertrand, NB on November 15, 2019

Très bon goût fruitée lorsque vaporiser, bon pour relaxer en fin de soirée avec un bon buzz cérébrale et body buzz. AAA

Great taste, little effect

By DarkCanuk from Edmundston, NB on October 3, 2019

This strain is too weak in THC. The psychoactive effect is barely existant. However, the taste is very nice. It has a sweet berry taste that is present on the front and back of the tongue. It smells really nice. That packaging is the same as all the other companies - bulky, plastic, and hard to carry around discreetly. If you like tasty weed, try it out. But don't buy it for the buzz.

Great Taste

By McDanderson420 from Moncton, NB on September 25, 2019

This strain has a great aroma and taste but I found the buzz to be very mild. It was more clear headed that I'd like to see out of an indica. Great for daytime use if you have stuff to do but still want a little tingle.

Tasty if not awesome

By CptCrunch from Rothesay, NB on September 19, 2019

This strain is definitely sweet. This buzz is fine not great but can't beat the price