Namaste Durga Mata 2

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CBD : 9-13%
THC : 3-8%
This high-CBD, low-THC Durga Mata 2 strain is indica-dominant. It has minty and earthy aromas with scents of sweet citrus. It is a good selection for less experienced consumers or those looking for a higher level of CBD.
Durga Mata 2

Great cbd strain that is priced right :)

By Longtermeffects from Upper Golden Grove, NB on April 30, 2020

Tastes good, vapes well and is very affordable especially when on sale :)

Very good quality - best value and experience

By takeiteasy from Fredericton, NB on March 6, 2020

I bought this when it was on sale but would still buy it at full price. Excellent scent and flavour (vaping) and really nice mellow effects. Great for chilling out but it never made me overly drowsy (no couch lock). I was prescribed this variety and it really stands out from other, similar strains. Great price point and it does what an indica with balanced CBD/THC is supposed to do.

CBD Calm before the storm

By MarioCart from Cambridge-Narrows, NB on February 24, 2020

Really enjoyed this strain, I found it pleasantly light on the "high" and very relaxing. I would recommend this for anyone who is not wanting to get overly high.

Review !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Mick764 from Trudel, NB on January 28, 2020

Je n'ai pas aimer mes bon gout beau tit bud !!

Martha, where's my Mata!?

By Andre94 from Fredericton, NB on January 27, 2020

So I get home, smoke a bowl of this stuff, and then I go looking for the bread plastic for 45 mins. Bread got toasted pretty bad, but not as much as me! 😎 Finally glad to get back to the first strain I ever got from CNB - still has that refresh attribute that so often gets overlooked! Definitely worth the reciprocal 4/20 🌟 rating!!!


By 123456 from Grand Bay-Westfield, NB on January 17, 2020

Initially bought this strain for the CBD content but was pleasantly surprised with the awesome buzz it gives. Perfect strain to relax your mind & body at the end of the day.


By LeProDuCannabis from Bertrand, NB on December 28, 2019

Très bon indica ! Sa haut teneur en CBD vous donne un très bon *Body Buzz*, vraiment relaxant et apaisant . Avec un soupçon de THC qui vous donne un très léger Buzz cérébral, qui ne vous empêchant pas de fonctionner. Je suggère pour les débutants ou les fin connaisseur du CBD. Produit AAA+

Best CBD strain

By Cannabee from New Maryland, NB on December 24, 2019

My favourite CBD strain to date. Works great on pain and anxiety. Appealing look and smell.

Parfait pour relaxer

By JesusdeMoncton from Moncton, NB on September 24, 2019

Un de mes cannabis préféré après une journée occupée au bureau. Cette souche a un petit gout citronné lorsqu'il est consommé avec une vapoteuse. Un bon produit pour les débutants comme moi.

Perfect for beginners or those with anxiety.

By Catsmeow1 from Saint John, NB on September 23, 2019

This is an amazing strain. I find that because the CBD level is higher than the THC level it gives you a more calming high with more control over your body and thoughts! Perfect for those who are new to the cannabis experience or those with anxiety. The reason I'm rating 4/5 is because I find the high doesn't last very long so you consume more than you would with a higher THC level.