Eve & Co Sativa Blend

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CBD : 0-1.99%
THC : 12-16%
Each flower is greenhouse grown in Southwestern, Ontario and is hang dried, machine trimmed, and hand finished to maintain optimal taste, flavour and quality.

At that price, hard to beat.

By potcast from Bathurst, NB on May 16, 2021

It's not the best but it's not the worst either. At that price definitely worth it!

Can't beat the price, Great Value

By Rastamon from Quispamsis, NB on April 9, 2021

Tried da Indica value sized bag last week and was very happy with the value. So I bought a zip of this Sativa yesterday and once again my first impression was great value, some decent nugs and nice buds in this zip as well as some smaller pieces. It wasn't the most dank, but far from dry either. Had a sesh with some of ma bro's last night so I rolled some fat blunts (Why not at this price). This hit hard and gave a nice head high, all was feeling fine. A zip of good quality ganja for $110 bucks, can't go wrong.

Very nice medium sativa high

By JeffLeblanc from Moncton, NB on April 1, 2021

Out of the bag mine was nearly a half gram over weight, thank you Eve. First impression: Nice berry like smell, smaller buds and some pieces but nice trichomes all over it, not too dry. Smoked very smooth, nice hit of berrylike spice, high came in very nicely, a very nice medium high and was nice for going about my day, felt very nice relaxed and helped me have a nice happy great day :)

Amazing smoke for the price must buy

By Smokeyjay12 from Newmarket, ON on March 27, 2021

I can’t believe the value of this bud. Nice high. Great smell. This kind of quality at this price point is unbeatable. I’ve tried many brands and by far this is the best. The buzz is very enjoyable for relaxing or working, puts a smile on my face every time. I love this bud and I have ordered it now many times. You can’t beat the price. It’s a must try !! Smooth with a great taste and smell.

What you'd expect more or less.

By heavyuser from Saint-Maurice, NB on March 13, 2021

Did not have "high" expectations. I realize this is a collection of bud pieces from sativa plants and its the least expensive oz on the site so... It smells fresh and weedy, its not too dry and not too moist so give that a 1. It smokes smooth and clean, not harsh give it another 1. Its a mild sativa high, nothing to write a review about. The buds themselves are small broken up pieces that look like a lot of lower branches with more fan leaf type leaves on the bottom not tight nuggets and there is more branch to leaf ratio in these smaller pieces. It is what it is a $119 clean mild oz. I'd say spend $10 more bucks and get some of the trailerparkboys brand if you're shopping for affordable oz's.