Wagners Soap Bar Hash 4g

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CBD : 0-1%
THC : 20-25%
WAGNERS Soap Bar Hash is a traditional UK style of hash popularized in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Synonymous with the rise of Brit Pop, Soap Bar was the go to product for a generation of consumers. Created using an old school, solventless hash production method where trichomes are sifted and then pressed together using heat we are left with a light brown bar of hash. Upon reheating the product it will ‘fluff up’ and can be easily crumbled in to a joint or a bowl. The name is derived from old school production when hash was pressed in 250g bars, the same weight as a bar of soap.

Excellent, clean product at a fair price.

By StravinskiCat from Moncton, NB on October 10, 2021

I’d like to start off by admitting that I’m a bit of a hash purist. I’ve made bubble for over a decade, and still do. This product is a long shot from high quality full melt, or even mid grade hash. It’s straight up pressed dry sift, there’s no other way to describe it. I’ve purchased this in excess of 10 different times, and each time prodivided something new, but not very different. Sometimes it will smell fruity, while other times it will smell skunky and kushy. The effects are considerably good on their own, and even better when mixed in with a bit of dry herb. I vaporize this hash in a Mighty/Volcano at 400-410, and easily get 10-20 puffs of fragrant and potent vapour from just a small amount. The product typically comes in one big piece, in a nice round plastic container that I’ve found handy for storing pre milled dry herbs when on the go. The texture is as one would expect from dry sift, hard and non flexible out of the packaging, crumbly and flexible when exposed to heat. I’d like to also mention that each time I’ve purchased this, it was easily 0.2-0.4 overweight when scaled on a triple pointer scale. While I speculate that this product is made via dry ice extraction, there are little to no plant contaminants that you would typically find in a dry ice extract. While it isn’t perfect, it is considerably good quality product that warrants a regular placement in my monthly rotation. The price speaks for itself, and with the lack of actual full melt bubble hash available on the legal market this product offers a tremendous value.

Fumer du bon hash hybrid

By SW220HT from Tracadie, NB on June 21, 2021

C'est certainemant Le best best hash et a bon prix et bon packaging.