Qwest JB Cookies Diamond Infused Pre Roll

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CBD : <0.1%
THC : 38-46%
Digging deep within our genetics vault, we are bringing back a limited release of our best in a new way. Qwest is rejuvenating the gems of our past harvests by dripping them in diamonds - THCa to be more specific. Crafted from premium cultivars and coated in a high caliber THCa crystals, JB Cookies Diamond Infused pre-rolls will make you think you've captured a moonbeam - or at least entered an inter-galactic flavour vortex with its Romulan roots. Pine, wood, earth and dew, this is a trail in a midnight forest with the light of the stars shining like diamonds

No thc on them

By Ricky1234 from New brunswick, NB on January 9, 2024

The discription say they have thc on them and they dont! I bought some yesterday there wasent any thc and it is not infused so i paid 30$ for 3 mini pinner! Thumbs down!