OS.HASH Indica

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CBD : 0-0.1%
THC : 30-39%
Authentic and uncomplicated, OS.HASH Indica is a rich brown resinous hash with a firm but pliable feel. Produced from a single hybrid strain and clocking in at a very mild THC potency potential, OS.HASH Indica is made using dry ice sift trichome extraction and packaged in a 2-gram format in a resealable, odor-proof and child-resistant pouch. Not real fancy, just real. A good reason to go legal.


By DaveyG from Saint John, NB on September 19, 2021

This hash is not very good. It's dry, not very pliable. It is very week hash and doesn't burn very well and burns too quickly. This is not a good product; very disappointing.

A Bit Weak!

By DarkCanuk506 from Edmundston, NB on May 26, 2021

(2.5 Stars - Lot# AAA-113020 - Packaged on 14/12/2020 - THC Content 31.8%) This looks like a nice Blond hash. It is a bit firm but not really pliable. Because of how dry it was it crumbled instead of folding. It doesn't have a strong hashish aroma. It is very mild. It doesn't have a strong hashish taste. It is such a mild taste that it's hard to make out in a joint. On it's own, in a pipe, it still lacks in taste. The smoke test revealed a salt and pepper ash which means something minor is amiss in the process of making this hash. Probably nothing harmful but it's still not the cleanest product. The effects were weak. Any hash below 35%THC is not strong enough for my liking. It could be okay for people that don't like a strong tasting hash, or cannabis. The price is too high for this product. This should be sold in the $25 to $30 range as it is quite weak as hash goes. Personally, I'm not satisfied with this product, at all. It was too dry which led to it burning too fast. Also, the effects, the aroma, and the taste are all too mild to rate this as a good hash. I won't buy this product anymore. There are better offerings on the market to choose from.