OS.Hash Hybrid (Dry Sift)

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CBD : 0-1%
THC : 20-30%
Authentic and uncomplicated, OS Hybrid Hash is a rich brown resinous hash with a firm but pliable feel. Produced from a single hybrid strain and clocking in at a very mild THC potency potential, OS.HASH10 is made using dry ice sift trichome extraction and packaged in a 2-gram format in a resealable, odor-proof and child-resistant pouch. Not real fancy, just real. A good reason to go legal.

Good mild hash!

By Celluleenrepos from Sainte-Marie-de-Kent, NB on February 21, 2021

Good even buzz...Smells and taste great! The texture is also great! I personally like stronger hash but I wouldnt rate it less than 5! If you want something to relax and a taste and smell you'll enjoy get this hash! You'll love it!

Hard to Please Vaper

By ReservoirDog from Riverview, NB on September 27, 2020

I've purchased this a few times. It's good quality. Wish they had Afghani style black hash available in their catalogue.

Regular hash <3

By CoachMcGuirk from Moncton, NB on September 23, 2020

Great for an extra kick in any bowl or joint. Instantly provided a blankety stone that I've always adored about hash! It is a delicious smelling and tasting brown hash that's a little low potency for hash; but is made perfectly and has a 5 star feeling. Try it out! Another great Hexo product... would like to see the price go down slightly. 2g Should only be 35$ if its % is 35...


By WickedRuiner from Dieppe, NB on May 27, 2020

The first traditional hash offered by CNB and it did not disappoint. Bought this for a special occasion, rolled it all up with tobacco and it was delicious, and the effects were very pleasant. Usually I'd like to complain about price, but this is honestly not a bad value given the extra production costs of making hash, and the quality is more than acceptable...that being said, lowering the price to $20 a gram would be ideal... Quite pleased all in all.

Tout simplement divin!

By tupueTAmere from Moncton, NB on May 8, 2020

Evidence de bonne qualité, le goût exquis de ce hash est incroyablement délicieux, unique et doux. Bref, la weed c'est bien si tu souhaites fumer dans la journée mais le soir un bon tzeul de OS hash et tu te crois dans les champs a 2000 mètres d'altitude 😁

this is perfection

By blazedahfok from Tracadie-Sheila, NB on May 7, 2020

smooth taste nice after taste of chocolate smell awesome burns perfect as a great relaxing buzz with no overwhelming buzzed give a great big munchies and for me it breaks breaks the ice of the hash market like a boss

The real deal

By Potate from Moncton, NB on April 28, 2020

Rich, resinous taste and smell. Prepare for some couch lock. Kinda on the pricy side. I still wish my drive way was made of it...