Kolab Project THC-A Diamonds

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CBD : <0.01%
THC : 90%
Produced from hydrocarbon extracted live resin from small-batch flower, these crystalline structures pack a punch at 900mg of total THC per gram.

Love this!

By Rosy13 from Bathurst, NB on September 4, 2021

Use in pax 3 and taste is very clean and smooth! Would recommend this.

Under weight

By Farmassist from Fredericton, NB on August 17, 2021

Have had suspicions about the weight of the product. Weighed an empty jar, and then a new fresh jar. WAY UNDER WEIGHT.

Hard to Please Vaper

By ReservoirDog from Riverview, NB on August 16, 2021

I use this in my vape to bump up the THC levels of flower that's on the weaker side. For example, I like the taste of berry strains but their potency is generally mid-level. Add a few diamonds to the bowl and you have a full flavored toke that's plenty potent :)

Great stuff

By TheMage from South Branch Kings Co, NB on June 20, 2021

perhaps the best stuff thus far! price as always is a issue compared to the legacy market but even with prices this product shines above the rest and in truth one would be hard pressed to find better elsewhere...

Want to know what?

By RJohnson from Penobsquis, NB on May 27, 2021

If Scotty Wallace tried this he'd say Yew! Great stuff.

Premium Diamonds at a reasonable price

By BakedMech from Moncton, NB on May 15, 2021

Another great product from the Kolab Project. The packaging for this product is very high quality and the actual dish could even be reused. The diamonds themselves hit hard with a pleasant but not overpowering taste and will leave you couch locked. This is without a doubt one of the best bang for your bucks concentrates. Highly recommend!

Best legal concentrate

By VOTE4FBOC from Sackville, NB on May 13, 2021

Good buzz, great packaging, competitive with black market diamonds, 5 stars.

Another clean dab from Kolab

By OGCHUD from Sackville, NB on May 8, 2021

The Kolab Diamonds hit and taste like a Kolab product - clean and fresh. The diamonds don't seem to be terped out with flavour like some other concentrate brands or Kolab 510s, which isn't at all a bad thing, but if you are dabbing for flavor (who actually does this?!), I'd go for something else. Like the flavour profile, the effects feel clean without being heavy, something I wasn't expecting from an Ice Cream Cake. Product appears to be of weight and is worth what you pay for by any market standards. I tend to enjoy the heavier Indica, so I rated a 4/5, but I will definitely be buying again for a decent daytime siesta.