APL Black Cured Badder

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Where Can i find it
CBD : 1-3%
THC : 72-80%
Our APL Black is a BHO product, made with dried (cured) flower and meets Health Canada Specs & passed all the lab tests. It’s a stirred product, so its more like a thick cake badder as apposed to a hard substance such as shatter. And because its oilier and softer in texture, it retains more of the terpenes. The easily manipulated extract can be inhaled, either dabbed or with a vaped cartridge meant for concentrates. It is packaged in the familiar black child proof pouches for many different reasons.

Must dab at a low temperature to take advantage of this concentrate

By Hillsider from Campbellton, NB on February 17, 2022

Product is BLACK and almost gives off a hash-y appearance/smell when first opening the jar. I dabbed this product way hotter than anticipated and it tasted pretty bad and left a black tar-y residue, not gonna lie. ..but my second dab (and every dab afterwards) was at a lower temperature and it definitely tasted a lot better and smoother. Melted down a lot better into a greenish/brownish hue and didn't just burn up. Caryophyllene is present in this concentrate for sure; slight black pepper/clove with a warmth to the nose.

ummm what is this

By TheMage from South Branch Kings Co, NB on December 24, 2021

compared to the other apl entries I knew to avoid due to pic but was gifted some sooo dabbed it. tastes bad its clearly the floor trim after they make the other products I am stuck with 2g of this and scared to dab it XD apl is great just avoid this one.